Gluten Free Apple Pie

One of the gifts in my MB holiday gift basket was a set of frozen gluten free almond pie shells by Piccola Cucina. I’m not much of a pie maker. So, I kept trying to figure out what I wanted to make with them. Should I try something savoury to work against the sweetness of the shells, or, should I go for super sweet. In the end I decided to go with something a little tart.

There were two pie shells in the package, so the recipe below makes enough to fill both shells.

Gluten Free Pie Shells

Gluten Free Pie Shells Waiting to be filled

Gluten Free Apple Pie


2 – sweetened 8″ almond pie shells from Picola Cucina (frozen and premade)

5 – Large Granny Smith Apples

1/2 Cup – Butter (more or less to your own tastes)

4 Tbs – Demerara Sugar

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Manitoba Holiday Treats – Part 2

Last week I dipped into the basket of Manitoba made holiday goodies that I received. While it was tempting to finish everything in the basket in a couple of days, I have managed to show some restraint. Today I’m going to write about a few more of the individual items in the basket. I plan on following that up with a couple of posts of recipes that make use of some of the larger items.

I’m going to start today with the Manitoba producer that I’m most familiar with and that is Green Bean coffee importers. Although I don’t know Derryl Reid very well, he was one of my early connections at various social media events. I’ve had several opportunities to try his product since then. Sometimes because they’ve been featured in swag bags at various food events, and sometimes because I like to stop by their stand at the St. Norbert’s Farmers market.

Our basket contained four different varieties of coffee. Each one of these makes about a twelve cup pot of coffee. The four packs were split between two medium, one dark, and one light roast. These four packs alone would make a great little gift basket.  Add a mug and you’ve got a perfect gift for an office gift exchange.

The first pot I made, I used the Prairie Sky House Medium. This is a great anytime blend. I enjoyed mine with a baguette and some honey.

Manitoba roasted coffee

Colour Coded Manitoba roasted coffee

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Cocoabeans Bakeshop – Gluten Free

Cocoabeans Bakeshop

Cocoabeans Sign

I’m fortunate to be working down the road from two bakeries.  I’ve already written about   Le Croissant, and today I’m adding Cocoabeans Bakeshop.  Cocoabeans is a bakeshop with a small café that focuses on gluten free baking.

*If you visit after reading this, tell them “Buttertart Donald” sent you.

One question that interests me as both priest and food lover, is how do we encourage people to eat together when diets make this increasingly difficult? Do we simply encourage everyone to bring their own food?  Do we leave those with restrictions to their diet on the outside?  Should we learn to put our own desires to the side more often?  Should we learn more about the eating habits of others?

The last question is the one visiting Cocoabeans helps me to answer.  I have no gluten issues.  However, several people in the parishes I work with, do.  So, I want to find out a little more about gluten free food.  Purchasing from a gluten free shop is one way to do so.

Cocoabeans Street Sign

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Common Eating (Meals)

Common Eating is an idea for a university of seminary type course that has been sitting in the back of my mind for several years now. Over the next several weeks I hope to go through each of those posts and update and rethink my way through them. I’ll be leaving each new post at the top of my blog for a few days. Any new material will be printed in bold.

I was reading a couple of Twitter comments today involving food and wine that had been posted by @ReverendChef and they got me thinking, what might a seminary course on “common eating.” I’m using the term “common eating” as a play on the ideas of common prayer and common worship that are so much a part of Anglican practice.

Common Eating Supper

Church supper food is one of the areas I want to think about when it comes to Common Eating.

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