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Sushi Gen-All You Can Eat Buffet

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a strongly negative effect on many restaurants. Sushi Gen is one which chose to face the pandemic by shutting down and doing a major remodel. I’ve walked down Portage Avenue, many times over the last several months waiting for it to reopen. Especially after I had revisited Mooshiro Sushi, which is just a kilometer or so farther down Portage. original review Despite the fact that the restaurant has been remodeled, there is nothing that strikes…Continue readingSushi Gen-All You Can Eat Buffet


Famena’s Famous Roti and Curry

Famena’s Famous Roti & Curry is a little counter top restaurant on Garry Street in downtown Winnipeg. It just a couple of blocks over from Holy Trinity. As I mentioned in my Holy Trinity Fall Supper post, there is a strong Caribbean influence at Holy Trinity. This influences is reflected in both the spiritual and culinary character of the parish. It`s through Holy Trinity that I developed by fondness for Caribbean Cuisine Famena’s Roti Lunch Famena’s Famous Roti & Curry …Continue readingFamena’s Famous Roti and Curry

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Magic Sushi – McPhillips Street

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a sushi restaurant. Sushi Gen and Mooshiro were among my earliest reviews. Magic Sushi, on McPhillips, is one place that I’ve heard a lot about, but never visited. In fact, I didn’t realize until my first visit that it featured an all you can eat buffet. Hours: Mondays – Saturdays: 11 am – 10 pm Sundays: Closed Magic Sushi Buffet I’ve heard from many people over the years that Magic Sushi &…Continue readingMagic Sushi – McPhillips Street

Food Recipes

Hello Fresh- Unboxing – First Meal

A couple of weeks ago Shel Zolkewich, organizer of the Manitoba Food Bloggers group on Facebook, posted that she had a couple of codes for people who were willing to try out Hello Fresh, the meal planning service. Immediately on seeing this I messaged her saying I’d like to give one a try. When it comes to such an offer quick responses are important. Generally speaking whoever hesitates is lost. So, thank you Shel. You can check out my second…Continue readingHello Fresh- Unboxing – First Meal


Cookie Making Adventures(misadventures)

Aside from a garden out back, one of the things I looked forward to when I moved into the house I am now living in, was the prospect of a full-sized stove and oven in which to do more cooking and baking. Moving in during the heat of summer meant that I didn’t get into the habit right away, so it’s only recently that I’ve started to make more of a conscious effort in this area. One other thing that…Continue readingCookie Making Adventures(misadventures)

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Cheap in the Kitchen

Earlier this week I began the Winnipeg Harvest Poverty Pledge. One of the things that I discovered quite quickly was that it was difficult to actually prepare somewhat balanced meals. When it comes to cooking, there is cheap and then there is CHEAP. This week’s poverty pledge landed me in the second category. Cheap Ingredients: One thing I’ve found this week is that I’ve essentially ended up eating one meal and maybe adding a little bit of snacking (boiled eggs…Continue readingCheap in the Kitchen