Common Eating Fall Suppers

Spaghetti Dinner – Holy Rosary Church

Yesterday, while posting about the Holy Trinity fall supper, I mentioned that I would be finishing my weekend off by attending the Spaghetti Dinner at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. I was alerted to this dinner last year by Angie Boehm. She along with her husband Cory are parishioners at Holy Rosary. They’ve also shared a couple of dining adventures with me over the years. This dinner is a little bit different than some, in that it features a rolling service…Continue readingSpaghetti Dinner – Holy Rosary Church

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Baires Gelato & Cafe – Marion Street

Baires Gelato & Cafe is now closed. It’s place has been taken by Diaspora Cafe. I have made one visit to Diaspora, and hope to make a second one soon.  A few months ago as I was wandering down Marion Street, I noticed a sign for a new cafe opening in the bottom of a condo complex. I made note and a few weeks ago  I paid my first visit to Baires Gelato & Cafe. I wasn’t in the mood…Continue readingBaires Gelato & Cafe – Marion Street

Food Community

Trippa Con Patate – Centro Caboto Centre

I mentioned in my previous post, that I’d be writing about an event that I had learned more about through connecting in real life with online friends. The couple I connected with are Cory and Angie Boehm. Angie is Italian, and she gave me more details on a dinner at the Centro Caboto Centre, call Trippa con Patate (Beef Tripe with Potatoes). I’ve recently been reading a book entitled, The Shameless Carnivore, by Scott Gold. One of the things he talks about in…Continue readingTrippa Con Patate – Centro Caboto Centre