Kay’s Delicatessen-William Avenue

Kay’s Delicatessen is a breakfast and lunch establishment situated on William Avenue just west of Winnipeg’s City Hall.
Every so often, as priest, I find myself needing to pick up supplies for church. Sometimes it’s wine or wafers for the Eucharist. Sometimes it’s things such as palm crosses for Palm Sunday, and sometimes it’s simply picking up an item such as a clergy shirt. There aren’t enough Anglicans in the area to justify a store dedicated to Anglican liturgical needs.

Kay's and palms
Palm crosses already made up. Along with a couple of packages of palm fronds. These are some of the items that I might pick up when visiting Stephanchew’s

Fortunately, there’s enough similarity between Anglican and Roman Catholic practices, that I can find most of what I need at one of the local Roman Catholic church supply stores. More often than not, I head up to Stephanchew’s Church Goods on William Avenue.

Kay’s for Breakfast:

Stephanchew’s doesn’t open until 9 am, so I often try and fit in a breakfast stop along with my visit to the store. Kay’s also opens at 9, so I can either have breakfast and then visit Stephanchew’s or visit Stephanchew’s and then head down a couple of doors for breakfast at Kay’s.

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