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Lunchroom @ Holy Trinity – Pancake Day

Last July, I wrote about starting my new position at Holy Trinity Anglican Church. It`s been a long and difficult road to getting things up and running. At the end of last year we decided we would start The Lunchroom @ Holy Trinity. This is a one day a week simple sit down lunch.  Getting The Lunchroom off the Ground The first couple of weeks for The Lunchroom were quite quiet. Both weeks we had more helpers than we had…Continue readingLunchroom @ Holy Trinity – Pancake Day

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Marcello’s – MB Hydro Building

Marcello’s- November 2019 Update This update features the Marcello’s location underground at the Portage and Main by the Richardson building. The food is pretty much the same at both locations. The price per 100 grams has gone up about 10% since I wrote the original post five years ago. Given the general increase in food prices this is quite reasonable. I arrive at Marcello’s at about 1:45, so the place is pretty much empty. This also applies to the buffet…Continue readingMarcello’s – MB Hydro Building