Saint Ignatius Fall Fish Fry

Each year as I compile my Fall Suppers list, I’m always on the lookout for new suppers to add. Since the season runs until about the middle of November, I keep up the search well after I’ve originally posted. This year one of the new dinners that I came upon was the Fall Fish Fry at Saint Ignatius Church.

Saint Ignatius Knights of Columbus place mats

The placemats with the Knights of Columbus logo on it.

Saint Ignatius Church is founded in memory of Saint Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits. Among other things, the Jesuits are known as the scholar priests of the Catholic Church. In addition to the church Saint Ignatius is also home to a school running from nursery to Grade 8.

This parish is one place that despite going past it hundreds of times while living in Winnipeg, I’ve never visited. I’ve worked with people whose children have attended the school, and I’ve had friends and parishioners who have taken part in the Spiritual exercises and the healing ministry course, but never made it there myself. Continue reading


Seine River Cafe – Provencher Avenue

Every so often there’s a place that I’m very aware of, but never get around to visiting. Seine River Cafe is one such place. Located in a strip mall on Provencher Avenue, just past the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain. I’m generally at the CCFM several times in a year, but never seem to make it the extra half block farther east. Perhaps I need to develop a habit of walking longer distances.

Seine River Cafe menu

The cover of the menu from the Seine River Cafe. I figure that’s the Eponymous river depicted on the front.

Meanwhile my brother Bob dropped in for a visit from Prince Albert. It was during the week so we decided to make it a breakfast visit. I suggested Seine River Cafe, in part because I hadn’t been yet, and in part because it is fairly close to St. Philip’s, my parish.

Seine River Cafe Breakfast

We arrived at the cafe after 10, but the cafe was still busy with a breakfast crowd. The crowd itself never really thinned out the whole time we were there either. This seems to be a quite busy place Despite this, there are enough tables for us to find a seat without having to wait. Continue reading

White Star Diner – Kennedy Street

For many years the White Star Diner was a mainstay of Winnipeg’s Exchange District.┬áThe diner was a little hole in the wall on Albert Street. It was mainly a takeout joint, with a limited number of seats. I had only been on one occasion and that hadn’t been enough to convince me to go back.

When White Star Diner says cup of soup they mean cup or at least mug, of soup. Not a small bowl.

A few months ago, I heard that it was closing. Then a few months after that I heard that it would be reopening, this time on Kennedy Street. The location it took over had once housed a Greek restaurant, which was then turned into a combination Greek-Ethiopian restaurant. This seemed as odd as the Thai-Shawarma combo at Shaba Thai. Continue reading

A & W – Pembina @ Plaza

For several years I lived just off Pembina and McGillivray. At the time I was a member at St. Vital EMC located originally at St. Mary’s and Bishop Grandin, then at Burland School. Being on the other side of the river, bus travel was a little tricky at times. However, the 16 route or the Dart were available at Pembina Highway and Plaza Drive. Given that there is often a bit of wait between the two buses, the A & W located there was a convenient place for a quick meal while I waited to transfer.

A & W Root Beer

We’ll have a mug of root beer,or maybe two or three. Old A& W jingle.

A & W Burger Combo

A couple of weeks ago I found myself down that end of Pembina. I had some time to kill and was feeling a little peckish. As I got off the bus I noticed that the A & W was offering a Mama Burger combo for only $5.00. I figured even if it was pretty bad, I couldn’t go too far wrong at that price. Continue reading

Johnny Gs – East Exchange

I didn’t get to much of the Fringe Festival this year, but I was there enough to look for new places to eat. One of the places I chose was Johnny Gs (apostrophe removed for SEO reasons). I had visited there many years ago. However it was so long ago, I don’t really remember anything about it. I do seem to recall the portions being large.

Johnny G's Menu.

Johnny G’s has a large and varied menu

There are two entrances to Johnny Gs. One will take to Wee Johnny’s pub in the basement. The other will take you into the restaurant/lounge space upstairs. I went with the upstairs both times. The restaurant manages to be both open and intimate at the same time. I like this, especially when dining alone. Service is quick and prompt.

Fringe Visit:

My first visit came during the Fringe Festival. With all that is going on, I’m always looking for someplace that can get me in and out quite quickly. Despite the restaurant being somewhat full I received good, quick service. Continue reading