Donuts, Coffee, Beer N Chips

Despite the title making it seem like I may have some sort of culinary death wish, it’s simply a description of my day Saturday. I was up early and headed out to Fools + Horses. Fool + Horses is my favourite writing spot, and I was there to chronicle my experiences on the first day of ManyFest.

As I was getting ready in the morning I checked Facebook and saw a post from my friend Kent Dueck. It seemed he was involved in some kind of mini doughnut kind of truck. I hadn’t seen the truck on Friday, so as I was making my along Broadway towards Fools + Horses I kept my eyes open for the truck.

Sure enough as I walked by I saw Kent outside of the truck with a big broom and water. He was giving the truck a good washing down to make sure it was nice and bright looking for when the customers appeared.

Happy Doughnut

Caramel and Almond Mini donuts from Happy Donuts and Lemonade.

Donuts for Breakfast

I was able to get my post completed just after Manyfest opened at 11 o’clock. So, as I wandered my way down to the main Food Truck area, I stopped off at Happy Donuts and Lemonade, where Kent and Sandy were kind enough to treat me to a tray of the Caramel and Almond Donuts, as well as a taste of the single serve of the Coconut Dream and the Donutella. Continue reading


Transition Winnipeg Upskilling Fest

Last month when I was writing about Miss Browns I mentioned that I was connected to Transition Winnipeg. Transition Winnipeg is part of the worldwide Transition movement. The major goal of Transition is to help individuals and more importantly whole communities, reduce their reliance on fossil fuels as the engine of economic life. This is approached in many ways. A large part of the Transition movement is working with governments to help craft policies that encourage the use of less fossil fuel based energy.

Along with this, the Transition movement encourages the recovery of old practices that require less energy. Among these various practices are several related to food and making better use of our green spaces to help provide nourishment to our world. Continue reading