BBK Barbeque Trailer

I mentioned in my post on the Red Lake Coffee Co Truck, that on Canada Day, I had also eaten at BBK Barbeque trailer and that I’d include a review of that trailer shortly.

BBK has been around for quite a few years now. It’s more of an event trailer than a street truck, so I don’t see it out that often. I have though, over the last few years had a chance to try several of their items.

BBK sauces

BBK offers a wide variety of sauces to their customers.

This is a comment I made on one of my earlier visits to the truck.

I started my weekend in the early afternoon. I had already had lunch, but still had enough room to stop at one of the trucks. I decided on the Beef Brisket from BBK. BBK is the upscale partner truck to Extreme Fries.* In ordering I went with the plain sandwich and didn’t add any condiments. The brisket itself was tender and fatty in a very good way.

*Extreme Fries is now under new ownership. 

So here’s my typical food truck breakdown on BBK:


As I said in the above quote this trailer is an upscale version of a typical burger/hot dog truck. Continue reading


Canada Fries Food Truck

Late last summer, early in the fall, my friend and fellow food lover Cory Boehm asked me if I had seen the new fry truck which was parked across from Holy Trinity. I think it showed up between Wednesdays, which are the days I’m at Holy Trinity to Celebrate the Eucharist.

Canada Fries Truck

Back of the Canada Fries truck.

The day after I got the message was Tuesday, so the next day I headed over across Smith Street once my Eucharist was ended. As things worked out, Cory was there as well and we both had an order of fries. I made the mistake of ordering the large order of fries. I say it was a mistake because that was more food then I could handle.

I went once more, but before I got around to writing a post, the truck disappeared for the winter. Figuring there wouldn’t be much interest in a truck that was nowhere around, I decided to hold off and see if they returned again this year. Continue reading

Little Truck – Local Food Truck

It seems that every year, a group of food trucks doesn’t hit the streets until mid-summer. This is true again this year. The last few weeks have seen, Little Truck on the Prairie, PVG’s Breakfast Club, the BDI Goog to Go, Slurp This, Denise’s Blue Moon, and I think at least one another. I hope to get to them all in the next couple of weeks. I’m starting off with Little Truck on the Prairie.

Little Truck Logo

Logo on the side of the Little Truck

I used the word local in the title, because this truck is focused on using local ingredients wherever possible. One thing to say, local does not mean lesser. Little Truck on the Prairie proves that local can hold it’s own with food from anywhere.


Value isn’t only about price, it’s about the place where quality, quantity and price all come together. I think Little Truck delivers very good value. The mains ($8-10) are quite well sized, and if you go for the combo, you get even better value. Plus, the quality, of which more below, is well above average. 4.5 Continue reading

Best Meal – Food Truck

Well, spring has arrived and the food trucks are slowly trickling back out onto the street. So far, I have noticed only one new one. I believe the Extreme Fries Truck is a repainted version of the one that was out before, but I could be corrected. (NB I have been corrected, it has a new owner as well, Bobbie Mack) The new truck on the streets is called Best Meal.

Underlined or not, it's a hard name to live up to.

Underlined or not, it’s a hard name to live up to.

Best Meal serves the usual assortment of hot dogs and hamburgers, but specializes in Middle Easter cuisine. Among the offerings are falafels, shawarma, and something I’d never heard of called Kibbe (it’s sort of a ground beef filled Falafel). I’ll state outright, these weren’t the best meals I’ve had. However, give the owners credit for wanting to make a splash with a new truck. So, reverting to my Food Truck review format, here are my thoughts.


Most of the entrees are in the $6.00 to $8.00 range. The wraps I had were both at the bottom end and were stuffed with good fillings. In particular the beef shawarma had plenty of beef. The combos add about $2.50 to the bill, and I received a good portion of chips with my kibbe. As a bonus, canned drinks are only $1.25, better than just about any truck. 5/5 Continue reading

Kyu Grill – Street Cart

Yesterday, ManyFest announced it’s initial line-up for September’s Food Truck Wars. Looking through the list, a couple of names stood out. The first was the Walleye Wagon. Which I had visited and not yet written about, and Kyu Grill, which I had visited for the first time earlier in the day. Since I had already been there once, I decided I would pay Kyu Grill a second visit today.

Kyu Grill Cart

The Kyu Grill Cart and it’s Social Media signs

Kyu Grill is a food cart that is operated by the same people who own Kyu Bistro on Isabel. Kyu Bistro advertises itself as Winnipeg’s best Ramen. I’ll have to make it down there soon and try it out. Their food cart on the other hand specializes in Hero sandwiches or as they call them the HEROshima. The current street food that these remind me of the most, are the sandwiches from Beaujena’s Mobile French Table.

Spicy Chicken

Kyu Grill’s Spicy Chicken

Continue reading