PegCity Poutinerie – CityPlace

PegCity Poutinerie is the newest tenant in the CityPlace food court. This is the third new restaurant to open their in the last few months. The first two were, in my books, a hit, (Za Pizza), and more of a miss, Meltwich. PegCity Poutinerie definitely falls into the hit category.

Loaded Bacon Poutine from PegCity Poutiinerie. It certainly lives up to it’s name.

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Samosa Hut – CityPlace

Samosa Hut is an Indian restaurant located in Cityplace mall. It’s located just before the spot where the skywalk connects Cityplace across St. Mary avenue. This location has long been my favourite in the food court. Prior to Samosa Hut being there the space held a Greek restaurant whose name I can’t remember, but made a really great Avgolemono soup among other items.

Samosa Hut Combo

The Samosa Hut three item combo comes with Naan included.

My favourite choice here is the three piece Tandoori Chicken. It is well cooked, and well-sauced. I find the chicken to be quite tender. Having tried it so many times, I decided to choose a couple of different options when I recently visited.

Samosa Hut Combos:

Wednesdays I preside at a noon-hour Eucharist at Holy Trinity. By the time it’s over and I’ve packed everything away, I’m ready for a good lunch. The Samosa Hut provides me with both. The portions for their meals are quite generous. It starts off with a good base layer of rice and is built up with the other combo elements.
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Vinh Long Vietnamese

A few months back I wrote about L & Y Tasty Soup at Portage Place. I was particularly happy to find a non-chain restaurant operating in a food court. Well, Winnipeg Square ups the ante in this regard as they have several such places. I’ll try and get around to checking out all of them in the next little while, but for now I want to highlight Vinh Long Vietnamese restaurant.

One of the things I really like about the Winnipeg Square food court, is that even more than the other downtown food courts, there is lots of space to sit during off hours, as there is no Tim’s or McDonald’s in this court.

Vinh Long is easy to miss as you go through the food court at Winnipeg Square. All the other restaurants are either on the side or along the back wall of the court, while Vinh Long sits by itself in a little cubby hole on the opposite side. It’s easy to miss this restaurant while you are checking out all the other options on the other side of the wall. That would be a big mistake, as Vinh Long offers great food and portions at great prices.

Deluxe Beef Soup

Vinh Long offers a really good, and filling, Deluxe Beef Soup

Vinh Long Offerings

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