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Preserve by Flora and Farmer

Preserve, is the newly opened store front location for Flora & Farmer preserves. Preserve is located at the back of Hildegard’s Bakery with entrances through the bakery, or off Maryland Street. Flora & Farmer’s tagline is: “Delightfully daring preserves your grandma never made.” This is in,  reference to the fact that several of the preserves are alcohol -infused, although I think that may be underestimating a lot of grandmas. Flora & Farmer’s owner/chef is Kim Bialkoski. I’ve bought her preserves…Continue readingPreserve by Flora and Farmer

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Gift Ideas from the Local Food Scene

When I was younger it seemed that the only food gift baskets were the one’s from HIckory Farms. The only time you received anything local and gourmet was if you had friends who did home canning. Times have certainly changed. Winnipeg is now awash with companies that offer specialty food gifts. Last year I wrote about some of these foods. This year I decided to another post. I went looking, wondering if I would find enough foods to write about. No…Continue readingGift Ideas from the Local Food Scene

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Fools & Horses, Coffee – Wine

I’ve combined my review of the Fool and Horses Forks location with this one. So, if you want to go straight to that one, just click the link below.Fools Horses ForksIn early May, Fools and Horses, my home away from home, will be celebrating it’s fourth anniversary. They’ve also been undergoing some changes the most notable is an updating of their food menu. So, in anticipation of this anniversary and the new menu, I gave a few of the items…Continue readingFools & Horses, Coffee – Wine