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Rice Bowl Restaurant – Sargent Avenue

The Rice Bowl building is one of the many non-descript types of buildings that dot the West End. Like so many of those buildings…Continue readingRice Bowl Restaurant – Sargent Avenue

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Myrna’s Restaurant 833 Sargent Avenue

Myrna’s Restaurant I’m traveling a little west on Sargent Avenue for this month’s Taste the West End. I’ve been visiting Myrna’s. a Filipino restaurant that’s been part of this neighbourhood for a long time. I remember visiting not long after I moved into the West End, but it is only recently that I have returned. Myrna’s specializes in breakfast and lunch. Hours of operation are from 8-4 during the week, 7-4 Saturday, and 7-2 Sunday. Right from the start, Myrna’s…Continue readingMyrna’s Restaurant 833 Sargent Avenue

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Lessons in Fusion – Primrose Madayag Knazan

Lessons In Fusion is the first novel from Winnipeg playwright, food writer, and Winnipeg food promoter, Primrose Madayag Knazan. I’ve met Ms. Knazan at a couple of food events over the years, including sharing a table with her at one of the Raw:Almond brunches. Lessons in Fusion tells the story of Sarah, a teenaged food blogger, who enters into an online cooking contest during the Covid pandemic. Sarah, pronounced SAH-rah, is of Jewish and Filipino descent, but has been raised exclusively Jewish.…Continue readingLessons in Fusion – Primrose Madayag Knazan

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Jollibee – Northgate Shopping Centre

It’s been around a year since the first location for Jollibee, the iconic Filipino fast food restaurant, opened in Winnipeg. I was invited to the opening, and it turned out I couldn’t go. Missing the opening didn’t turn out all that badly, as the reason for missing was one of things that led to the Free Press feature on my blog last January. Jollibee has been called the McDonald’s of the Philippines. Which would be true, if McDonald’s actually produced…Continue readingJollibee – Northgate Shopping Centre