The Catholic Table- Emily Stimpson Chapman

During Lent I’ve been offering a series of lectures called Eucharistic Eating. This is part of an ongoing project(sadly my attempts to record it have not gone well), and I’m always on the lookout for more material on the topic. So, I was quite pleased when I came across The Catholic Table blog. Written by Emily Stimpson Chapman, a freelance Catholic writer and blogger.

Cover shot of Emily Stimpson Chapman’s The Catholic Table.

The Catholic Table is part memoir, part theological reflection, with a few recipes thrown in along the way. The tone of the book is light and breezy with occasional light touches of satire and sarcasm. Always gentle and never malicious. As a Catholic writer she makes good use of both Scripture and Tradition. Continue reading


Five Thousand Feasted*

This Sunday’s Gospel reading from the Lectionary was Matthew 14:13-21. This is commonly called the Feeding of the Five Thousand. My sermon from this morning is entitled Five Thousand Feasted*.

The asterisk is important because it serves as a reminder that story tells us that there were Five Thousand men, along with women and children.  I think this is an important aspect of the story, which I bring attention to in the sermon.

Five Thousand Feasted*: Sermon for the Eighth Sunday After Pentecost. (RCL)

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Food and the Fringe Festival

While there is often talk about how Winnipeg is behind the times when it comes to portable food offerings, particularly food trucks, the change is coming to the city, and you really start to notice it when events such as the Fringe Festival are on.  It wasn’t that long ago when the India Palace tent and the odd hot dog cart were the only options available when you went to the outdoor stage at the Fringe.

This has built up a little bit over time, and now, when we fast forward to this year’s Fringe there are several options for eating on the go.  To be fair, the Exchange has a lot of eat in options, but you have to hope you get prompt service, whereas with the outdoor alternatives you simply judge the length of the lineup. Continue reading


Common Eating – Fasting and Feasting

The reason I decided to switch this class with the class on Ferial Eating, was that it seemed more logical to examine the idea of fasting and feasting coming out of how we eat on a daily basis instead of vice-versa.  Although both of these topics will arise during the examination of common eating in the Old and New Testaments, they deserve space of their own in this discussion. Continue reading