Stone Soup Sharing, Caring

This year marks the 5th Annual Stone Soup Fundraiser. The Stone Soup Fundraiser serves to raise money to support the programs of the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba. The council is a volunteer organization that lends support to schools that run breakfast and other feeding programs in their schools. (what goes into a program can be found here). At present there are 165 schools* that receive support split evenly between Winnipeg and other areas of the province.

*I was informed after publication that the number of schools helped has now reached over 200.

The fundraiser is Wednesday, March 22, 11:15 am to 1:15 pm, Manitoba Hydro Place, 360 Portage Avenue. Tickets are $10,00 which let you taste three soups along with bread, water and fruit being available. I have a noon service so I’ll be there as soon as it opens at 11:15 am. Look for the guy in the dog collar and come and say hello.

I’ve taken in the Fundraiser for the last couple of years. I wrote about my experience back in 2015. The Council is something I believe in because it offers not only healthy food alternatives, but it teaches children skills in the kitchen, and brings them together to eat.

This year, Viola Prowse, head of the council, got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested in writing something about the event. I happily said yes. I was sent a list of the restaurants involved and noticed right off that there was a fair bit of turnover from previous years. It turns out this is in part because there are so many restaurants and/or chefs wanting to be part of this event.  Continue reading


Feast Cafe Bistro

Feast Cafe Bistro is the newest restaurant to have opened up in the West End. It’s only been open for a few week in the old Ellice Cafe location. I’ve lived in the West End for what’s heading towards a dozen years. The Ellice Cafe was one of my favourite places to eat during the time it was open. It was a favourite for more than the food. Over the years, several of the staff and customers became friends and remain so even after the cafe closed.

Feast coffee

The coffee is always on and piping hot at The Feast Cafe and Bistro.

I was excited when I first heard about the new cafe that would be going in, but it seemed to be taking forever to get off the ground. I began to wonder if it would ever open. Fortunately it did. When I first walked into Feast Cafe Bistro, the sense I got was different but the same. The pictures over the counter had changed, and there were some different table setups, but the cozy, homey feeling was still there.

The same is true for the menu. Owner Christa Bruneau-Guenther has created a comfort food menu based on traditional Indigenous ingredients. So, there are a few things on the menu that the average diner may not be familiar with, but the menu still very much resembles a classic cafe type menu. Continue reading