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Feast Cafe Bistro – Ellice Avenue

I’m continuing on my revisits with this post.. I took a couple of trips back to Feast Cafe and Bistro. Feast Cafe took over the corner of Ellice and SherbrookContinue readingFeast Cafe Bistro – Ellice Avenue

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Stone Soup Sharing, Caring

This year marks the 5th Annual Stone Soup Fundraiser. The Stone Soup Fundraiser serves to raise money to support the programs of the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba. The council is a volunteer organization that lends support to schools that run breakfast and other feeding programs in their schools. (what goes into a program can be found here). At present there are 165 schools* that receive support split evenly between Winnipeg and other areas of the province. *I was informed after…Continue readingStone Soup Sharing, Caring