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Little Bangkok Thai, Shawarma Fusion

Little Bangkok Thai has since closed, this was quite a disappointment. It’s place has been taken by a burrito bowl restaurant that I have yet to visit. Shawarma Fusion has also closed.Cityplace Food Court Hours tend to vary slightly from the regular Cityplace hours, but most food court places are open from about 11 am to 5 pm.If you’re a reader of Dining with Donald, and not from the area, you may not know that Winnipeg gets cold. Real cold.…Continue readingLittle Bangkok Thai, Shawarma Fusion

Reviews and Such Indian Restaurants

Samosa Hut – CityPlace

Samosa Hut is an Indian restaurant located in Cityplace mall. It’s located just before the spot where the skywalk connects Cityplace across St. Mary avenue. This location has long been my favourite in the food court. *Since I wrote this, I would say that PegCity Poutinerie has taken that spot.  Prior to Samosa Hut being there the space held a Greek restaurant whose name I can’t remember, but made a really great Avgolemono soup among other items. My favourite choice…Continue readingSamosa Hut – CityPlace

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Palatal Express – Guilty Pleasure

I never visited the Palatal Mongolian Stir-Fry on Pembina that now houses Royal Punjab Sweet House. However, I visit the Palatal Express at Sherbrook and Portage on a semi-regular spot. This for me is a great place to visit when I’m in the mood for a quick, cheap pigout. I don’t find the food here particularly brilliant, but there’s lots of it, and I can get it really spicy when I want that. Sadly, Palatal Express is now closed.  Like a…Continue readingPalatal Express – Guilty Pleasure

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Wok Box- Kenaston Common

I find myself fairly regularly out in the area of Kenaston Common. As a transit rider and pedestrian it always makes for an interesting trip. On my last visit I tried to transfer at Grant and Kenaston. I just missed the Waverley bus, and it then ended up being quicker to walk than to wait for the next bus. This was at lunch time. I arrived at the Wok Box at lunchtime and found quite a line up. I decided…Continue readingWok Box- Kenaston Common

Reviews and Such Restaurants Thai

Thai Express – Portage Place

A few months ago, I asked a question in the Manitoba Food Bloggers Facebook group. What is your favourite food court restaurant. I got a variety of answers. Oddly, I can’t remember what my own answer to the question was. All I know is that it has changed. Back then it likely would have been Koya Japan. Now it is undoubtedly Thai Express. Specifically the Thai Express in Portage Place. I like Thai food, so it should come as no…Continue readingThai Express – Portage Place

Reviews and Such Greek Restaurants Shawarma

Taste of (Meh)diterranean

Taste of Mediterranean I was wandering westward down Graham Avenue a couple of weeks ago and noticed that there was a new restaurant located at the back of the same building that contains Starbucks.  The signs stated that the new place was called Taste of Mediterranean. Perhaps the sign should have tipped me off to what the restaurant would be like.  The generic photograph of the chicken dinner reflects quite accurately the generic nature of the food served at the…Continue readingTaste of (Meh)diterranean