Mongo’s Grill – Blogger Night

Last week I received an invitation to a blogger night out at Mongo’s Grill. I had heard the name of the restaurant, but didn’t know an awful lot about it. Mongo’s is short for Mongolian, so in style it resembles at one level Palatal or Palatal Express. This should have been fairly obvious to me, but whenever I hear Mongo this is the first thing that comes to mind:

Don’t miss the video of me grilling. You’ll find it at the bottom of the post.

However, Mongo’s Grill is part of a fast casual chain. The one we visited out by Polo Park is one of three located in Winnipeg. While I said that it has something in common with Palatal, it shares more in common with Freshii. The emphasis here is not only on fresh ingredients, but also on having a really broad selection to chose from.

I was the first to show up for the evening, so I had a couple of moments to wander around the restaurant when I arrived. The restaurant was larger than I expected, but is also wide open, and as a diner you get a feeling of having plenty of space for you and your party. The grill is the centerpiece of the restaurant and it’s the first thing that catches the eye once you enter. Continue reading


Clay Oven – Hydro Building

Today is another post of the restaurant replacing a restaurant variety. This one is for The Clay Oven in the Hydro Building. The Clay Oven is like the Sherbrook Deli, in that I never visited the first restaurant, Fresh Cafe, that occupied the space.

Clay Oven Naan Bread.

Naan Bread always makes a good addition to any Indian meal.

I’ve visited the Clay Oven location on Kenaston, but that was several years ago when my family was in town for a visit. So, these last two visits are what I’m basing my experience on .

I went into Clay Oven expecting to find a lunch buffet of some sort. Instead what is on offer is combo plates, and a variety of main course Indian dishes. Along with these you will find extras like Samosas, etc. I tried comparing the online menu to the instore menu, but it doesn’t match up very well. My first visit I went in and ordered myself one of the combination platters that are available. The meal also came with regular Naan, which you can just see peeking out of the top right corner of the picture below. Continue reading