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Common Eating – Introduction and Overview.

Course Introduction So, as I’ve been working my way through these posts again, and come to this introduction and overview,  I noticed that when I did the course outline the initial class is entitled “You Are What and How You Eat. For this course the latter part of that statement is the more important. The reason that the course is called “Common Eating.” is my belief that the most important function of food is to bring us together around the…Continue readingCommon Eating – Introduction and Overview.

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Common Eating – Ferial Eating

Early in February I wrote a whole post called Keeping the Ferial.  The focus of the post was on ferial eating, or day-to-day eating.  I have a couple of polls up on the right hand side of the blog that ask people about what their general eating habits are both when they eat at home and when they eat alone. Common Eating Series Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Post 4 Post 5 Post 6 Post 7 I addressed two…Continue readingCommon Eating – Ferial Eating