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Top Ten Hottest Hot Sauces in Winnipeg

This top ten post was originally about trying hot sauces during self-isolation. Since then, I’ve tried another five hot sauces. Now it seems like a good idea to create an actual top ten list. I’ve called this Top Ten Hottest Hot sauces, because where a company made more than one, I tested the hottest in their line. Any mistakes in this regard are completely mine. Original Post Introduction I’ve been wanting to do this post on Winnipeg Hot Sauces for…Continue readingTop Ten Hottest Hot Sauces in Winnipeg


Famena’s Famous Roti and Curry

Famena’s Famous Roti & Curry is a little counter top restaurant on Garry Street in downtown Winnipeg. It just a couple of blocks over from Holy Trinity. As I mentioned in my Holy Trinity Fall Supper post, there is a strong Caribbean influence at Holy Trinity. This influences is reflected in both the spiritual and culinary character of the parish. It`s through Holy Trinity that I developed by fondness for Caribbean Cuisine Famena’s Roti Lunch Famena’s Famous Roti & Curry …Continue readingFamena’s Famous Roti and Curry