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Across the Board Game Cafe

I am re-reviewing Across the Board Game Café. I’ve been a couple of times since I last made a brief update about their new location. I must confess, that, despite visiting here several times, I have never once played any of the games. Nonetheless, Across the Board offers good food, and a really good place to be if you like to sit and read a book while you are eating (a favourite pastime of mine). It should be noted, that…Continue readingAcross the Board Game Cafe

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Little South America Tour

I first did the Little South America Tour 8 years ago. Then it was a one night event sponsored by the Exchange district biz. This time around I visited each of the restaurants over the space over several weeks. My update on each will appear in bold. One thing I will say, right of the top is that 8 years between visits is far too long. I need to find a way to include them into my rotation at least…Continue readingLittle South America Tour

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Yellow Dog Tavern

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to Yellow Dog Tavern. I walk down Donald north of Portage fairly frequently. However, the tavern has been closed for a good portion of the Covid lockdown. From the signs on the doors, it appears the owner decided to stay closed until they could have close to full capacity. Last night I stopped in for an early supper. It gave me a chance to catch the end of the Jets game, while…Continue readingYellow Dog Tavern

Reviews and Such Community Restaurants

Supper Club at King’s Head Pub

Yesterday marked the beginning of another lockdown level here in Winnipeg. In person dining has once again been canceled. So, with that being the case I decided to revisit via delivery the King’s Head Pub, a place I’ve visited several times in the past. Including one as part of a supper club. You can find that story down below. supper club   This is an add on to my original post. One of the things that appealed to me about…Continue readingSupper Club at King’s Head Pub

Reviews and Such Fringe and other Theatre

Ingenue-Mix Tapes From My Mom

’The 2019 Winnipeg Fringe Festival is underway. I’m writing up two shows in this post. The first is Ingenue, which stars Melanie Gall. Ingenue centers around the stories and songs associated with Deanna Durbin and Judy Garland. *Show times for both of the shows listed here can be found by clicking on the show’s link in the copy below. Fringe Festival Traditions Ingenue will mark the sixth show by Ms. Gall that I will attend. One of the remarkable things about…Continue readingIngenue-Mix Tapes From My Mom

Restaurants Chinese Reviews and Such

Double Greeting Chinese Snack House

Double Greeting Noodle Snack House is a small, Chinese restaurant, tucked away on McDermott Avenue. This means that it’s located just west of the Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange District. On top of that, it’s a little store front stuck in between a couple of larger office buildings. Double Greeting Hours Mon Closed Tue 11am – 6pm Wed 11am – 6pm Thu 11am – 6pm Fri 11am – 6pm Sat 11am – 6pm Sun 11am – 6pm You need to take note…Continue readingDouble Greeting Chinese Snack House