Clementine Cafe – Exchange District

Over the last few days I’ve been blogging primarily about the Fringe Festival. Being in the Exchange for the Fringe, I’ve done a bit of dining in the area. One of the places I’ve visited is Clementine Cafe.

I’ll get to the review of Clementine in a bit, but in case your interested, these are the Fringe shows I’ve reviewed: Wanderlust, Josephine, Vera Lynn-We’ll Meet Again, 4:48 Psychosis, Wooster Sauce, and Time’s Fancy. I recommend any and all of these shows if you’re interested in taking in some of the Fringe in the next few days. There are also lots of other good shows as well.

Clementine Cafe sign

Sidewalk sign for Clementine Cafe

Clementine is located on Princess Avenue, and it’s just a couple of blocks from Old Market Square, the heart of Fringe Country. The cafe itself is in the basement of the building. Continue reading


Vicky’s Diner – Albert Street

Not long ago I reviewed the new location of the White Star Diner. I noticed that the old Albert Street location had been filled by a new restaurant signed as Vicky’s.

Vicky's diner sign

The sign above the doorway at Vicky’s Diner.

I heard that it was a new burger type joint, but let it pass. Now, with Fringe Fest starting tomorrow, I thought it would be a good time to check it out in advance of the festival.

On Monday I paid my first visit. I was in the mood for a good lunch and decided that I would order the Vicky’s Favourite Burger, Onion Rings, and Fries with Gravy for my meal. To this I added a can of Coke for a beverage.

Vicky's Diner onion rings

Vicky’s Diner box of onion rings.

There are a variety of burgers listed on the menu, but the Vicky’s Favourite is clearly the best value. It’s the same as going to Mrs. Mike’s. You could order other burgers, but you really want to order the King Burger there. Continue reading


White Star Diner – Kennedy Street

For many years the White Star Diner was a mainstay of Winnipeg’s Exchange District.┬áThe diner was a little hole in the wall on Albert Street. It was mainly a takeout joint, with a limited number of seats. I had only been on one occasion and that hadn’t been enough to convince me to go back.

When White Star Diner says cup of soup they mean cup or at least mug, of soup. Not a small bowl.

A few months ago, I heard that it was closing. Then a few months after that I heard that it would be reopening, this time on Kennedy Street. The location it took over had once housed a Greek restaurant, which was then turned into a combination Greek-Ethiopian restaurant. This seemed as odd as the Thai-Shawarma combo at Shaba Thai. Continue reading


Tom Yum Thai – Sherbrook Street

Tom Yum Thai is one of those restaurants I’ve often passed, but never entered. As a bus rider, I find that getting to North of Portage, where I live in the West End, back to North of Portage on Main is often as a trip, as convoluted as this sentence. As a result, I generally walk when I go to such places as Stephanchew’s Church Goods, or to visit the Exchange District.

Being on the corner of Sherbrook and William, Tom Yum Thai, is often en route, but not the destination. However, a few weeks back, after a pastoral visit at Health Sciences Centre, I figured I’d give it a try for a late-ish supper.

The restaurant is only open until 8. I arrived at 7 and found the outer door locked. However, someone was inside, saw me, unlocked the door and assured me I was welcome to eat there. Not surprisingly I was the only customer in the restaurant.

Late Supper at Tom Yum Thai

The restaurant has an extensive list of Thai dishes to choose from. I chose the Salad Rolls and the Green Curry soup. The Salad Rolls came first and I found them to be a bit of a disappointment. There was no cucumber in them to speak of, and the lettuce and noodles were quite dry. The portion size was quite good however.

Lots of carrot for garnish, but the filling wasn't quite as interesting.

Lots of carrot for garnish, but the filling wasn’t quite as interesting.

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Noodle Express – Dim Sum

A couple of weeks ago we had our most recent Why Cook Wednesday supper club dinner. We decided on Dim Sum at Noodle Express in Chinatown. I have to admit that this is a restaurant that I haven’t thought much about despite having popped in during past Fringe Festivals. I’ve also tended to shy away form Dim Sum, thinking it on the expensive side. I do though, enjoy the variety.

I found out, after arriving that Noodle Express has a happy hour for Dim Sum. This meant the meal turned out to be one of the real good bargains on the Winnipeg food scene. Happy hour is also a bit of a misnomer as it runs from the end of the lunch rush at 2 pm to closing time at 8 pm.

Noodle Express steamed bun.

A steamed bun from Noodle Express.

Noodle Express Condiments

Sriracha and some other condiments, which really don’t matter. Sriracha! Sriracha! Sriracha!

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