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Feast Cafe Bistro – Ellice Avenue

Feast Cafe Bistro is the newest restaurant to have opened up in the West End. It’s only been open for a few week in the old Ellice Cafe location. I’ve lived in the West End for what’s heading towards a dozen years. The Ellice Cafe was one of my favourite places to eat during the time it…

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Twist Cafe

  Twist Cafe closed about a year or so ago, and was replaced with Twist Bistro. This didn’t revive anything, and Twist Bistro is now also closed. Update to my update. The former Twist location is now the latest location for Shawarma Khan. I haven’t tried the new location, but you can find my review…

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Ellice Cafe – Last Breakfast

The space once occupied by the Ellice Cafe is now home to The Feast Bistro. I moved into the West End of Winnipeg just a little under eight years ago.  Several months later the Ellice cafe opened.  The cafe was operated by New Life Ministries and was designed as a place where people of all…