Common Eating – Introduction and Overview.

I’ve decided to eliminate post number three which covers the course outline. There is not a lot of meat in that post, so I figured I would just post the course outline at the top of this post, instead.

I’ve written in the last couple of days about wanting to create a seminary course around the idea of Common Eating.  Post number 1 gives my rationale for thinking this up in the first place.  Post number 2 suggests a possible marking scheme.  Post number 3, for today, provides the outline.  Over the next two weeks I plan to flesh out that outline.

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Common Eating – 2 – Marking

One of the important parts of Common Eating as a course, is finding ways for the students to work together. The only problem with this is that I have a natural aversion to anything that resembles a group project. This is in part because I am an introvert among introverts. I’m also very independent. On my two choice Enneagram test I scored an 88 as a number 5.

When it comes to an idea like a course on Common Eating, it may seem a little odd to start with laying out a marking structure before deciding on what shape I would like such a course to take.  My reasoning for doing this however, is before I go about the work of course design, it seems to me that I want to know if I can come up with something that will pass academic muster as well contain useful and practical information and skills for ministerial development.  As far as I’ve observed over the years, the two don’t have to exist in tandem with each other. Continue reading