Mobile Food Reviews and Such

Beaujena’s Mobile French Table

I first noticed the Beaujena’s truck last year.  However, it always seemed to have large lineups.  I was also told by co-workers that the service was quite slow.  I ended up giving it a pass.  Early this summer I noticed the truck was back.  There was no one in line so I decided to give it a try.  I wanted to try it again before writing it up, but a couple of days later it had disappeared.Beaujena’s food truck is…Continue readingBeaujena’s Mobile French Table

Reviews and Such Ethiopian Restaurants

Kokeb, Fine Ethiopian Food Edmonton Street

Stopped in to Kokeb for the first time in quite a while the other night. I figured I might watch a bit of the Jets game while enjoying an early evening supper. While I enjoy walking along Broadway and sampling the varieties of food that the trucks have to offer, when the weather produces the kind of temperatures and humidity that were on display yesterday, it’s nice to have an air-conditioned place to pop into to enjoy my lunch.  Kokeb,…Continue readingKokeb, Fine Ethiopian Food Edmonton Street

Reviews and Such Mobile Food

Tot Wheels – Taters on the Go

Late last week a couple of my co-workers told me they had seen a new truck on Broadway called Tot Wheels, but that they weren’t quite sure what it was about.  So, on Friday, I went to check it out, but as my time was limited and there was a line-up I didn’t end up ordering.  I came away a little doubtful, as the menu seemed to consist of fresh toppings piled on tater tots. Nevertheless, my curiosity was piqued,…Continue readingTot Wheels – Taters on the Go

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Stella’s: From Breakfast to Late Night Treats

In a little under a decade and a half, Stella’s Cafe and Bakery has gone from a trendy little cafe in Osborne Village to a powerhouse on the Winnipeg restaurant scene.  The formula has been simple.  Great, fresh food, with an emphasis on healthy options(fortunately they haven’t let the healthy bit ruin their desserts).  Along with that they place a high value on good service. Despite all this, Stella’s hasn’t been all that high on my list of places to dine…Continue readingStella’s: From Breakfast to Late Night Treats