Reviews and Such Mobile Food

Mikky’s – Mobile Throwback

It’s May 2022 and I am at Mikky’s for another re-review. Covid-19 certainly damaged Winnipeg’s food truck scene. That’s on top of the City of Winnipeg regulating it in such a fashion, that there are almost no food trucks downtown anymore.  Food trucks are way of democratizing dining out. Now, however, they are almost only available to people getting in their cars and driving to grocery store parking lots, and car sales lots. As an aside, although they often go…Continue readingMikky’s – Mobile Throwback

Community Food

Irish Stew Preparation, Recipe and Video

A slightly different recipe than this, but in 2022 we are finally serving Irish Stew to our Lunchroom guests.  The social isolation brought on from Covid-19, means I find myself not hosting The Lunchroom  @ Holy Trinity. So, I prepared the Irish Stew that we had hoped to serve on St. Patrick’s Day. I also made a video of me preparing this stew. It’s a first attempt to film using a LED ring light with my Cell phone as the…Continue readingIrish Stew Preparation, Recipe and Video

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Elephant and Castle

This is my second go round at Elephant and Castle. Yesterday I revisited Yellow Dog Tavern, and I decided to give another pub a try last night. My initial review, which is underneath this one, occurred just after they went through a major renovation. They may have made some changes since then(2015), but it feels pretty much the same. I found a table for for two in an area without many customers. I had in mind that I would order…Continue readingElephant and Castle

Common Eating Community

Lunchroom @ Holy Trinity – Pancake Day

Last July, I wrote about starting my new position at Holy Trinity Anglican Church. It`s been a long and difficult road to getting things up and running. At the end of last year we decided we would start The Lunchroom @ Holy Trinity. This is a one day a week simple sit down lunch.  Getting The Lunchroom off the Ground The first couple of weeks for The Lunchroom were quite quiet. Both weeks we had more helpers than we had…Continue readingLunchroom @ Holy Trinity – Pancake Day

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Pastry Castle – Edmonton Street

A couple of months ago, I was walking down Edmonton Street, and noticed that the storefront next door to the Magic Room had brown paper up on the windows and that there writing suggesting that the Pastry Castle would be opening soon. After I posted a picture of this, I discovered that it was a new location for the cafe, as it had originally existed in St. Vital.I’ve visited a few times since I wrote this review. I noticed the…Continue readingPastry Castle – Edmonton Street

Reviews and Such Coffee Shops Restaurants

Garry Street Coffee, Human Bean Coffee + Tea

Downtown Winnipeg has recently seen the opening of two new coffee shops. Or to be more precise, one new coffee shop, and an old coffee shop that has relocated. The new shop is Garry Street Coffee, located at 333 Garry Street, and the relocated shop is Human Bean Coffee & Tea, which after leaving both The Forks, and the Millenium Library, has reopened in Cityplace, just across the street from the library. In some ways the two shops are quite…Continue readingGarry Street Coffee, Human Bean Coffee + Tea