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Whitebread Protestants – Daniel Sack

 Whitebread Protestants:  Food and Religion in American Culture What do Welch’s Grape Juice and Graham Crackers have in common?  They are both products that arose out attempts by committed Christians to bring their faith to bear on the food they ate.  These are just two of many interesting tidbits that populate the book Whitebread Protestants:…

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Visits, Social Graces, CE – Week 12

Of the various parts of ministerial training and development that make me shake my head, the “yes, but that’s what we had to do,” approach to training is right up at the top.  Usually, it will relate to something like hospital visits, for example.  You’ll suggest that, wouldn’t it be a good idea if priests…

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Mobile Hospitality – Common Eating

As I said at the beginning of this series, I’m not quite sure there is enough material here for a full 13 weeks of classes.  This topic is definitely one where I’m a little skeptical on the whole idea of there being a full classes worth of material. Mobile Hospitality This is a second post…

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Common Eating – 9 – Food and Drink

Growing up in the evangelical tradition, the question of what was acceptable and what was not acceptable food and drink for “real Christians” was high on the list of topics that were regularly worked around. My denominational upbringing was teetotal by definition.  My experiences with others from similar backgrounds was that the drinking of alcohol,…