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Sonya’s – Henderson Highway

This place closed in the last year or so. There was an accident that damaged the building  I haven’t heard anything about the possibility of the restaurant re-opening, and that’s kind of sad. Sonya’s is the kind of old-fashioned comfort food restaurant that is slowly disappearing from the landscape. I’ve recently been reading Starting from Scratch, by Patty…

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1958 Community Cafe

Often when I am at St. Margaret’s, my trip there and/or back takes me down Westminster Avenue. Typically, on my way to/from Thom Bargen. During the last year as I wandered, I noticed a new little place called 1958 Community Cafe. Much like Wannabees however, I never seemed to go by when it was open.…

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Beet Happening – Notre Dame

Beet Happening no longer has storefront dining, but they are still in the business of catering and you can find many of their items at various cafes around Winnipeg. *The Restaurant is now closed.*Despite living really close to Notre Dame Avenue I find that most of my life and eating happens to the south and east…