Prairie Voices – Tasting Notes

Spring time is in full swing here in Winnipeg, and with the arrival of spring various arts groups are winding down their seasons and are also entering fundraising event season. Last weekend I attended Theatre by the River’s, Wine and Words, thanks to a ticket from Mel Marginet TBTR’s artistic director. Then, last night I was out at Tasting Notes, the annual dessert concert fundraiser for Prairie Voices.

Before I get into last night’s concert I want to mention to upcoming events. Next Friday and Saturday, Horizon, the other choir in the choir in the Prairie Voices family, will be holding their fundraiser, Lyrics and Lager. I went last year and it was  a lot of fun.

Then, on Saturday, afternoon June 9th, at 3:30 pm, both choirs will be presenting Summersing, a free choral event being held at Coronation Park.

Praire Voices Pistachio

The Pistachio Mousse, one of the many fine desserts available at the Prairie Voices Tasting Notes Dessert concert.

Prairie Voices is an award winning choir for singers between the ages of 18-25(though in typically modest, Winnipeg fashion, none of those awards are listed on their website). The choir was founded in 2000 by Elroy Friesen, who is currently the director of choral music studies at the University of Manitoba. There have been several conductors since then, with the group’s current conductor being Geung Kroeker-Lee.

I’ve known Elroy for years, attended the inaugural Prairie Voices concert and have continued to attend their concerts off and on ever since. I run into Geung every so often at Fools & Horses, my coffee hangout, where his partner Lauren is one of the owners. In the past couple of years I’ve also had another connection to the choir, as St. Philip’s, the parish where I serve as priest, has been used by both Prairie Voices and their alumni choir, Horizon, as a rehearsal space, when they need somewhere to practice, on short notice.  Continue reading


Baires Gelato & Cafe – Marion Street

A few months ago as I was wandering down Marion Street, I noticed a sign for a new cafe opening in the bottom of a condo complex.I made note and a few weeks ago  I paid my first visit to Baires Gelato & Cafe. I wasn’t in the mood for supper, but wanted a little something sweet to eat.

Being on the corner of the ground floor, the cafe has lots of window that give it a real bright feeling. There are several tables as well as about 8-10 counter seats along the Marion Street Wall.

The cafe offers a good selection of gelato, from Eva’s Gelato, along with a real good selection of sweets. On my first visit to Baires, I started off with an Americano to drink and had a piece of toffee cake to eat. From what I’ve learned some desserts are made in shop and some are brought in from places such as Goodies. I don’t know which category the toffee cake fell into but it was a real sweet treat. Rich and flavourful with a nice sponge to it.

My favourite item.

My favourite item at Baires.

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Standing on Guard – Dessert Fundraiser

This last week has been a very busy week. The twin themes of food and remembrance have been at it’s heart. On Tuesday, there was the Remembrance Day service and Roast Beef Dinner at St. Philip’s. Friday, I received a basket of MB holiday goodies.  Friday was also my usual time of cooking for my Confirmation class. Today, I cooked for the Saturday evening service at St. Margaret’s. Afterwards. I enjoyed desserts as part of the Standing on Guard, fundraiser.

Standing on Guard consists of six videos chronicling the history of the six military units that have made Manitoba their home. The six are The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada; The Royal Winnipeg Rifles; The Fort Garry Horse; 2 Bn Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry; The Winnipeg Grenadiers; and 38 Service Battalion. Each of the videos is about half an hour long.

The videos are the work of Jon Ted Wynne. A long time member of the Manitoba Theatre Community, particularly in conjunction with his company The King’s Players. We also share a bit of a bond. Not only did Jon Ted direct me in the Christmas Pageant at Church of the Way one year, we were also baptized together, some 25 years ago. Continue reading

Broadway Desserts

I picked up a hint from fellow MB Food Blogger Rebecca Hadfield that there was a new truck on Broadway.  This one was a Japanese dessert truck.  So, naturally I made my way up to Broadway and discovered that there was not only one, but two new dessert oriented trucks operating.

The first was the aforementioned Japanese dessert truck, known as Tokyorabbit.

The other is a known as The Waffle Guy.So, like the opening of Smashbox poutine, these comments will come without any ratings since they are both very recently open.

Value:  TokyoRabbit offers crepes at $5.00 including three fillings, and cream puffs at $2.00 each or 3/$5.00.  They also offer a pork sandwich for $5.00 and teas ranging from $2-3.50.

Tokyo Rabbit Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The waffle at the Waffle Guy comes with a price tag of $6.00 that includes icing sugar and one topping.  Other toppings are available for $1.00 extra.  The waffle itself is a little on the small side, given the price. Continue reading