Reviews and Such Restaurants Vietnamese

Phô No 1 Vietnamese – 81 Isabel Street

Phô No 1 is a Vietnamese restaurant on Isabel Street just off of McDermott Avenue. It’s one of those places that I have heard many good things about. I’ve also walked by it many times on my way to and from the Exchange District, Yet, for one reason or another, I’ve never stopped in. The other day I found myself wandering through the Exchange District. Then I headed westward, wondering where to stop for lunch. As I was going down…Continue readingPhô No 1 Vietnamese – 81 Isabel Street

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Pho 5-Star Vietnamese Eatery

Pho 5-Star Vietnamese Eatery is a new Vietnamese Restaurant in a location formerly occupied by a Vietnamese restaurant. The previous occupant was called Vietnam. The first thing I notice as I am walking in, is that the decor is completely changed. When the restaurant was Vietnam, it felt crowded. Pho 5-StarVietnamese Eatery is spacious. Perhaps the coronavirus is the cause, but the place seems to have slightly fewer tables. Gone also is the large screen TV that seemed always to…Continue readingPho 5-Star Vietnamese Eatery

Reviews and Such Filipino Restaurants

Mami Project – Filipino Noodle Bar

A few months ago, a friend asked me if I knew of any restaurants on Ellice Avenue that might be for sale. I gave a wander down the street, and the only thing I noticed was that Palm Tree Restaurant seemed to be closed. It wasn’t long however, before I noticed a sign for a new place, called The Mami Project – Filipino Noodle Bar. I waited eagerly for the opening of this restaurant, walking by every couple of days…Continue readingMami Project – Filipino Noodle Bar

Reviews and Such Chinese Restaurants

Ming Court-Appearances are Deceiving

Ming Court Update A couple of weeks ago I found myself at Promenade Cafe & Wine, and decided after my visit that I would do an update of my original post. I’ve generally avoided updates in the past, unless there was some major change to the restaurant. However, I got thinking, I often visit restaurants after I’ve viewed them, and an update a few years down the road might not be a bad idea.  So, yesterday as I wandered down…Continue readingMing Court-Appearances are Deceiving