Christ the King – Fall Supper

Last night I made it out to Christ the King Catholic Church for my first fall supper of the year. It was part of a big food day, as my lunch for the day involved taking part in our Fall BBQ at St. Philip’s. With various bits of running around and visiting I didn’t really get any photos of the BBQ. My only picture is of the marinating vegetable that I used in the pasta salad, which was my contribution to the potluck part of the BBQ.

Fall BBQ salad

These are the vegetables I used in my pasta salad. I marinated them over night before adding them to the salad.

While I didn’t get any pictures, I assure you that there was plenty of food to go around. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, cheese, pickles, chips, and a variety of desserts. Plus a selection of coffee, tea, and soft drinks. All your BBQ needs. With all the rain we ate our food indoors, but a special thanks should go to the St. Philip’s People’s Warden David Cain who tended the grill in the rain so that we could all eat in the dry.

Once the BBQ and the clean up was done, I got to rest for a couple of hours for heading out to the fall supper at Christ the King. This past weekend was a really busy one for fall suppers, so choosing was a little difficult.

Christ the King pie table.

A selection from the pie table at the Christ the King fall supper.

I had two reasons for going with the one at Christ the King. The first was that it is quite close to St. Philip’s just being a little ways down St. Mary’s Rd. The second was a little more personal and goes back to my time preparing for the priesthood.*

*You can skip down toward the bottom if you only want the dinner recap. Continue reading


Peasant Cookery

Despite my many times through the Exchange, I’ve never paid a visit to Peasant Cookery. Not only that, but when they participated in Taste of the Nation I somehow managed to overlook their booth as I made my way around the floor. Well, this week I finally corrected that.

Last Friday I was down in the Exchange to take in the opening of DomEsthetica a show by my friend Gabrielle Funk at the new Lantern Gallery. I got to know Gabrielle when she worked at Twist Cafe. Since then I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to watch her development as an artist. Her latest show deals with ideas around body image, self-identity, and taking control of one’s own person. The show is on at the Lantern for two more Fridays.

Usually I’m at these events not long after the doors open, but this time it was well in progress. So, by the time I made my way through and spend a few minutes visiting with some of the other former Twist staff I know, it was getting late-ish, and I still wanted supper.

Wandering the nearby streets, not much was open. I wasn’t in the mood for dim sum, so I kept wandering. I saw that Peasant Cookery was open, and ended up there. The first thing I noticed when I went in was the professionalism and courtesy with which I was greeted. I had a table in the corner, which gave me both a street view and a view of the rest of the restaurant. Peasant Cookery manages to do open and intimate, quite well with their layout.

Peasant Cookery Bread

The bread that came had a good crunch on the crust, and was light and fluffy and well suited to sopping up the gravy.

Peasant Cookery Dining

For my first, as they refer to it on their menu, I went with the Butternut Squash Soup. This was absolutely delightful. The soup was rich, smooth and creamy. The curry was strong but not overly hot, while the granola on top add a nice savoury crunch. Continue reading

Saint Andrew’s U C Fall Supper

It’s been a couple of weeks since I visited the Holy Eucharist Fish Fry. I’ve had a rather busy schedule that has prevented me from getting out as much as I’d like, but last night I managed to make it to the Fall Supper at Saint Andrew’s River Heights United Church.

Saint Andrew’s is located on Oak Street just a few blocks north of where I lived during my high school and university years. Despite that, I wasn’t aware of it until I attended a choir concert there (I forget which choir), a few years ago.

saint-andrew-fall-supper-coffee-and-juice-stationThis year’s fall supper is in the middle of a busy time for Saint Andrew’s as they are also observing their one-hundredth anniversary this month. Yet their was no lack of enthusiasm on the part of the many church members who were working to make the supper come off with a hitch. Continue reading