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Cheesemongers Fromagerie, Corydon at Lilac

The cheese shop is called Cheesemongers Fromagerie and is located on the corner of Corydon Avenue, and Lilac Street. Although it’s only been a open for a few months, the owners put many years of training, planning, tasting and planning into the opening of the shop. Cheesemongers Fromagerie I first heard about Cheesemongers Fromagerie when they opened in late February. I thought the concept interesting but didn’t really make any effort to get there. It wasn’t until I visited Frenchway Cafe that…Continue readingCheesemongers Fromagerie, Corydon at Lilac

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Sabai Thai Eatery – Corydon Avenue

Last week my oldest brother Ian paid a visit to Winnipeg. On Thursday he and I went for lunch together. We ended up picking Sabai Thai Eatery, on Corydon Avenue at the Corner of Wilton Street. This is one of those places that I’ve heard a lot about, but never visited. It seems whenever I’m in the area I turn on autopilot and end up at Falafel Place. After a couple of visits, I can certainly say that Sabai Thai will certainly…Continue readingSabai Thai Eatery – Corydon Avenue

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Trippa Con Patate – Centro Caboto Centre

I mentioned in my previous post, that I’d be writing about an event that I had learned more about through connecting in real life with online friends. The couple I connected with are Cory and Angie Boehm. Angie is Italian, and she gave me more details on a dinner at the Centro Caboto Centre, call Trippa con Patate (Beef Tripe with Potatoes). I’ve recently been reading a book entitled, The Shameless Carnivore, by Scott Gold. One of the things he talks about in…Continue readingTrippa Con Patate – Centro Caboto Centre

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Il Molino – Corydon

Il Molino is now closed. The owners have opened a new restaurant called Saperavi, which specializes in Georgian cuisine. I have yet to manage to visit. As a priest, Mondays are generally a day off for me. This means I have time to go visiting areas of the city that I might not get to any other time of the week. Over the last few Mondays, I went down Corydon looking for some lunch options. I ended up picking out Il…Continue readingIl Molino – Corydon

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MAKE Coffee + Stuff

Last weekend I was at the Prairie Regional Barista Championships. Winnipeg serving as host of the event shows how far coffee culture in Manitoba has come. I’ve had the chance to try many of the new places. One that I visited last year but haven’t been back to is MAKE Coffee + Stuff on Corydon. MAKE is nestled in a small store front locale, and offers a quiet break from the general bustle of the Corydon Avenue strip. While offering…Continue readingMAKE Coffee + Stuff