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Keeping the Ferial

I wrote this post on keeping the ferial six and a half years ago. I’m reposting it with some change in my thoughts. Not that I necessarily disagree with what I wrote, but that I find my approach to some matters a little changed in the interim. One more thing I have noticed since the start of the pandemic. Eating alone on a regular basis, makes it harder to keep my focus on the amounts I eat at each meal.…Continue readingKeeping the Ferial

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June Reading Roundup

My June reading roundup is a little shorter than the last three months. In part, that’s because I didn’t do any mystery novel writing this month. Although, I did watch several episodes of Rumpole of the Bailey, along with the first two series of The Brokenwood Mysteries. Both are highly enjoyable. In part, I included Adam Federman’s, Fasting and Feasting, a bit of June reading, in yesterday’s blog post. May Roundup – April Roundup – March Roundup June Review This month’s readings all concentrate on food. So…Continue readingJune Reading Roundup

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Cheap in the Kitchen

Earlier this week I began the Winnipeg Harvest Poverty Pledge. One of the things that I discovered quite quickly was that it was difficult to actually prepare somewhat balanced meals. When it comes to cooking, there is cheap and then there is CHEAP. This week’s poverty pledge landed me in the second category. Cheap Ingredients: One thing I’ve found this week is that I’ve essentially ended up eating one meal and maybe adding a little bit of snacking (boiled eggs…Continue readingCheap in the Kitchen

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Martha Stewart I’m Not, and That’s a Good Thing

Warning: Rant About Martha Stewart Ahead The video posted below features Martha Stewart discussing some of her likes and dislikes. In the middle of the video she goes off on bloggers. Apparently, we should have our voices silenced because we are not original.  In Ms. Stewart’s view this is an insult to all the great artists in the world.[youtube]More insidious is Ms. Stewart’s believe that only experts should have a public voice. We bloggers aren’t experts and so should…Continue readingMartha Stewart I’m Not, and That’s a Good Thing

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Catching Fire – Richard Wrangham

Catching Fire:  How Cooking Made us Human – Richard Wrangham* *Not to be confused with the volume of The Hunger Games trilogy that bears the same name.Catching Fire:  How Cooking Made us Human, by Richard Wrangham is less a book about food, as it is a book about how cooking our food accounts for our evolutionary development as human beings.The most notable argument in the book is about when cooking developed.  Traditional evolutionary thought views cooking as a late development.  In particular…Continue readingCatching Fire – Richard Wrangham

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Common Eating Week 10 – Food & Hospitality

Today I want to tackle food & hospitality and the role common eating plays in each of them.  I also want to be fairly specific about what I mean when I say hospitality.  When I refer to hospitality, I’m not referring so much to laying on nice dinner parties for friends or being the person who always has an abundance of food available to people who happen to drop by. These are good things, but when I say hospitality, I’m…Continue readingCommon Eating Week 10 – Food & Hospitality