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Immanuel United Fall Supper

Two weekends ago I visited the Holy Eucharist Fall Supper. This past weekend there was quite a few to choose from. It was also Synod weekend for our diocese. So, I wanted to find a dinner that I could get to easily. In the end I decided my best bet was the Immanuel  United Fall Supper. Immanuel United is located on Golspie on the corner of Kimberley. This is just a block down from my old work stomping grounds at…Continue readingImmanuel United Fall Supper

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Celtic-Ireland Pavilion Folklorama

After taking in the Ethiopian and German pavilions, two day ago, last night I took in only one pavilion. While taking in Folklorama has been very enjoyable, it’s also a bit tiring. I decided to check out the Celtic-Ireland Pavilion on Archibald. Celtic-Ireland Food Since I was going to only one pavilion, I decide to go whole hog on the food. I ordered two of the combination plates. The first one, which is a full meal is the banger platter.…Continue readingCeltic-Ireland Pavilion Folklorama

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Saint Andrew’s U C Fall Supper

′It’s been a couple of weeks since I visited the Holy Eucharist Fish Fry. I’ve had a rather busy schedule that has prevented me from getting out as much as I’d like, but last night I managed to make it to the Fall Supper at Saint Andrew’s River Heights United Church.Saint Andrew’s is located on Oak Street just a few blocks north of where I lived during my high school and university years. Despite that, I wasn’t aware of it…Continue readingSaint Andrew’s U C Fall Supper