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Oakwood Cafe – 600 Osborne St.

Oakwood Cafe on Osborne Street falls into that category of a place that I visited before I started blogging, but haven’t visited since. The South Osborne neighbourhood is one that has transformed a lot over the last 20 years. Much like the east end of Corydon Ave. coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants, have sprouted up along this street. Oakwood Cafe is one of the flagship restaurants of this renaissance. It began as a place called Samantha’s, but has existed as…Continue readingOakwood Cafe – 600 Osborne St.

Restaurants Reviews and Such

OEB Breakfast Co 300 Main

OEB Breakfast Co is a Canadian chain of breakfast/brunch restaurants. Originating in Calgary they have spread mainly across Western Canada. With a Toronto location and a couple south of the border. When I first heard that OEB was going to be part of 300 Main, I was somewhat skeptical. I figured we might be getting something along the lines of Mercatino, which I felt was more about style than substance. Fortunately, OEB really delivers the goods. I’ve made several visits…Continue readingOEB Breakfast Co 300 Main

Filipino Restaurants Reviews and Such

Myrna’s Restaurant 833 Sargent Avenue

Myrna’s Restaurant I’m traveling a little west on Sargent Avenue for this month’s Taste the West End. I’ve been visiting Myrna’s. a Filipino restaurant that’s been part of this neighbourhood for a long time. I remember visiting not long after I moved into the West End, but it is only recently that I have returned. Myrna’s specializes in breakfast and lunch. Hours of operation are from 8-4 during the week, 7-4 Saturday, and 7-2 Sunday. Right from the start, Myrna’s…Continue readingMyrna’s Restaurant 833 Sargent Avenue

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Café Dario 1390 Erin Street: A Best Meal

Café Dario re-opened last night. Initially, Café Dario will be open from 5-11 pm Fridays to Sundays. I caught wind of it through the Loaf and Honey Facebook page (more about them later in the review). I booked my reservation online, and ended up as the first customer through the door yesterday evening. Normally I would pay two visits before writing a review. Technically I have, because I went to Café Dario for a group dinner when a friend was…Continue readingCafé Dario 1390 Erin Street: A Best Meal

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Harrisons Coffeehouses, Coffee Roaster

Harrisons Coffeehouses and Coffee Roaster is a newish entry into the Winnipeg coffee scene. There are three locations in the city. One at The Forks, one on Waterfront Drive, and one at the Outlet Collection. My visits have all been to The Forks location. In addition to the three coffeehouses, they also have a roastery at The Forks. One thing that has changed for me during the pandemic, is how infrequently I get to The Forks. Typically I would be…Continue readingHarrisons Coffeehouses, Coffee Roaster

Books Reviews and Such

Holy Grounds – Tim Schenk

Tim Schenk’s Holy Grounds contains three of my favourite topics. Coffee, History, and Theology. If you are not familiar with the author, he is the creator of Lent Madness, an annual parody of March Madness that offers opportunities to learn about the lives of saints. I know about him, because we are mutuals on Twitter. Holy Grounds or An Unholy Beverage The full title of Schenk’s book is Holy Grounds: The Surprising Connection between Coffee and Faith – From Dancing…Continue readingHoly Grounds – Tim Schenk