Fête Ice Cream & Coffee – Assiniboine Avenue

Fête Ice cream containers

Fête is a new ice cream shop in Winnipeg, located on the main floor of a recently built high rise, just a couple of blocks west of The Forks.  Fête* opened in winter, because Winnipeg is a winter city. The reason Winnipeg is Slurpee Capital of the World, is because people buy them at +35C …

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The Good Lands Cafe – Sargent Avenue

The Good Lands sign

The Good Lands Cafe, is a new cafe with vegetarian/vegan fare, located on Sargent Avenue. It’s in the building that used to house the Strong Badger Coffee House. I was a big fan of the Strong Badger. I am becoming a big fan of the Good Lands Cafe. *In keeping with Covid-19 regulations, The Good …

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Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes.

Pancake supper berry sauce.

It’s just about that time of year again. Tuesday, February 25th, is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day. As I have done in the past with my Fall Suppers posts, I am creating a list of the places serving pancakes in the upcoming couple of weeks or so. One difference between this and the …

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Munch It Pastry Shop – Goulet Street

Munch It entranceway

Munch it Pastry Shop and Fortify Foods are two new cafes that have moved into the Marion-Goulet area not far from St. Philip’s. Munch It is located in the Dominion Centre shopping Mall, and Fortify Foods is attached to the Fortify wellness Centre in the old pharmacy building at the corner of Marion and Taché. …

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Southlands Salvation Army Fall Supper

Every year I list fall suppers. This year I added a second list. This year I managed to visit six different fall suppers in Winnipeg. Next year I may have to branch out and visit some of the rural ones. That would require me finding a driver. Last night’s fall supper at the Southlands Community …

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Roughage Eatery – Sherbrook Street

Roughage Eatery is a new, vegan restaurant located on Sherbrook Street in the house that used to be the home of Khao House. If you read the blog you know I am not a vegan. However, I try and keep on top of the movements within dining out. Plus. there is no reason that if …

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Turkey Dinner at Holy Trinity Anglican

I’m in the middle of a busy food weekend. Friday night I went over to Bella Vista Restaurant. Ross Jeffers, who formerly owned Cafe 1958, is now in charge at Bella Vista. Friday was opening night for him, and I wanted to pop in for dinner. I’ll have a review after I’ve paid a couple …

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Chiu’s Restaurant – Tache Avenue

Chiu’s restaurant is a Chinese-Canadian restaurant located in the Family Medical Centre, just across Tache Avenue from St. Boniface Hospital. I first visited around five years ago, around the same time as I tried Pastrami & Things. At the time Chiu’s was going through some changes. I can’t remember if it was new owners, new …

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