Harrisons Coffeehouses, Coffee Roaster


Harrisons Coffeehouses and Coffee Roaster is a newish entry into the Winnipeg coffee scene. There are three locations in the city. One at The Forks, one on Waterfront Drive, and one at the Outlet Collection. My visits have all been to The Forks location. In addition to the three coffeehouses, they also have a roastery … Read more

Holy Grounds – Tim Schenk

Local grind

Tim Schenk’s Holy Grounds contains three of my favourite topics. Coffee, History, and Theology. If you are not familiar with the author, he is the creator of Lent Madness, an annual parody of March Madness that offers opportunities to learn about the lives of saints. I know about him, because we are mutuals on Twitter. … Read more

Fête Ice Cream & Coffee – Assiniboine Avenue

Fête Ice cream containers

Fête is a new ice cream shop in Winnipeg, located on the main floor of a recently built high rise, just a couple of blocks west of The Forks.  Fête* opened in winter, because Winnipeg is a winter city. The reason Winnipeg is Slurpee Capital of the World, is because people buy them at +35C … Read more

The Good Lands Cafe – Sargent Avenue

The Good Lands sign

The Good Lands Cafe, is a new cafe with vegetarian/vegan fare, located on Sargent Avenue. It’s in the building that used to house the Strong Badger Coffee House. I was a big fan of the Strong Badger. I am becoming a big fan of the Good Lands Cafe. *In keeping with Covid-19 regulations, The Good … Read more

Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes.

Pancake supper berry sauce.

It’s just about that time of year again. Tuesday, February 25th, is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day. As I have done in the past with my Fall Suppers posts, I am creating a list of the places serving pancakes in the upcoming couple of weeks or so. One difference between this and the … Read more

Munch It Pastry Shop – Goulet Street

Munch It entranceway

Munch it Pastry Shop and Fortify Foods are two new cafes that have moved into the Marion-Goulet area not far from St. Philip’s. Munch It is located in the Dominion Centre shopping Mall, and Fortify Foods is attached to the Fortify wellness Centre in the old pharmacy building at the corner of Marion and Taché. … Read more