The Fyxx – Espresso Bar

Winnipeg’s coffee scene has changed quite a bit over the last few years. However, it’s not that long ago that there wasn’t much beyond the chains when it came to coffee choices in the town. Late night coffee and dessert choices seemed to be limited mainly to Osborne Village and the odd place here and there.

The Fyxx Greek Salad

Greek Salad from The Fyxx

I remember when The Fyxx first opened on Broadway and Donald. It quickly became the place where groups gathered for a taste of higher end coffee and desserts. At one point it was so successful that there were three locations in town. The cafe seemed to ultimately be a victim of it’s own success as both of the other locations no longer exist and only the Broadway location is still open. ┬áIt’s status as a no longer happening kind of place is further emphasized by the fact that it closes at 6 pm Friday through Sunday. Continue reading


MAKE Coffee + Stuff

Last weekend I was at the Prairie Regional Barista Championships. Winnipeg serving as host of the event shows how far coffee culture in Manitoba has come. I’ve had the chance to try many of the new places. One that I visited last year but haven’t been back to is MAKE Coffee + Stuff on Corydon. MAKE is nestled in a small store front locale, and offers a quiet break from the general bustle of the Corydon Avenue strip.

Make Coffee Sign

The window front street sign at Make Coffee


While offering many of the same beverages as many other coffee bars, it’s the Stuff that separates MAKE Coffee + Stuff from the others. First off is their funky lighting system. A variety of spotlights, etc. hanging from a frame on the ceiling. Secondly, MAKE Coffee has regular installations and displays from the people they refer to as their makers. Whether or not they all work there as Baristas or not, I haven’t been frequently enough to know. Continue reading