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1 Block Fried Chicken Diet

I’m back with my fourth Fried Chicken Fest post. This time I’m going hyper-local with my 1 Block Fried Chicken Diet.* The 100 Mile Dietis passé. Ordering fried chicken from restaurants almost next door to your workplace is the way to go. *Actual distance may be slightly more than a block. In my case, the three contributing restaurants, are Local Pub & Eatery, The Shark Club, and The Merchant Kitchen. The Shark Club is a new entry for me this…Continue reading1 Block Fried Chicken Diet

Reviews and Such Restaurants Vietnamese

Bar Burrito, Bayleaf Bistro, Kai Pho

Bar Burrito, Bayleaf Bistro, and Kai Pho are the three latest editions to the second floor food court at CityPlace. They are all recent replacements. Bar Burrito Fresh Mexican Grill replaced Little Bangkok Thai. Bayleaf Bistro replaced Shawarma Fusion, and Kai Pho replaced Meltwich. Both Little Bangkok Thai and Shawarma Fusion are covered under my Little Bangkok Thai link. I was so disappointed with Meltwich I didn’t even bother to keep the review when they closed. The list in the…Continue readingBar Burrito, Bayleaf Bistro, Kai Pho

Reviews and Such Coffee Shops Restaurants

Garry Street Coffee, Human Bean Coffee + Tea

Downtown Winnipeg has recently seen the opening of two new coffee shops. Or to be more precise, one new coffee shop, and an old coffee shop that has relocated. The new shop is Garry Street Coffee, located at 333 Garry Street, and the relocated shop is Human Bean Coffee & Tea, which after leaving both The Forks, and the Millenium Library, has reopened in Cityplace, just across the street from the library. In some ways the two shops are quite…Continue readingGarry Street Coffee, Human Bean Coffee + Tea

Reviews and Such Restaurants Shawarma Thai

Little Bangkok Thai, Shawarma Fusion

Little Bangkok Thai has since closed, this was quite a disappointment. It’s place has been taken by a burrito bowl restaurant that I have yet to visit. Shawarma Fusion has also closed.Cityplace Food Court Hours tend to vary slightly from the regular Cityplace hours, but most food court places are open from about 11 am to 5 pm.If you’re a reader of Dining with Donald, and not from the area, you may not know that Winnipeg gets cold. Real cold.…Continue readingLittle Bangkok Thai, Shawarma Fusion

Reviews and Such Restaurants Sushi

Greenish Cafe – Downtown Skywalk System

The rainy weather over the last few weeks has forced me inside more on the occasions that I am out walking. When I’m downtown this means traveling through the Skywalk system. Roughly halfway between Cityplace and Portage Place, lies Greenish Cafe, a Sushi and Salad place. There has been a sushi restaurant there for quite a few years, but I’ve never really been tempted to go in. However, over the last few months there has been a renovating of the space,…Continue readingGreenish Cafe – Downtown Skywalk System

Reviews and Such Restaurants

PegCity Poutinerie – CityPlace

PegCity update review: I thought that my original review of PegCity Poutinerie was only two or three years old. Turns out it’s just a few days shy of five years old. Anyways, I decided to stop in this afternoon to give them another try. It was fairly early in the day and I ordered a large Butter Chicken Poutine.  Let me say, that unless you are ordering for two, you should just bypass the large. Stick with a medium. The…Continue readingPegCity Poutinerie – CityPlace