Clementine Cafe – Exchange District

Over the last few days I’ve been blogging primarily about the Fringe Festival. Being in the Exchange for the Fringe, I’ve done a bit of dining in the area. One of the places I’ve visited is Clementine Cafe.

I’ll get to the review of Clementine in a bit, but in case your interested, these are the Fringe shows I’ve reviewed: Wanderlust, Josephine, Vera Lynn-We’ll Meet Again, 4:48 Psychosis, Wooster Sauce, and Time’s Fancy. I recommend any and all of these shows if you’re interested in taking in some of the Fringe in the next few days. There are also lots of other good shows as well.

Clementine Cafe sign

Sidewalk sign for Clementine Cafe

Clementine is located on Princess Avenue, and it’s just a couple of blocks from Old Market Square, the heart of Fringe Country. The cafe itself is in the basement of the building. Continue reading


Cuban, Portugal Folklorama Tour

Yesterday as I continued on my Folklorama journey, I decided to see the world without leaving downtown. I began my evening at the Cuban Pavilion in the Convention Centre. I got even closer to home with my second stop. This was the Portugal Pavilion just off Notre Dame, not all that far from where I live.

Cuban Pavilion Cultural Display

Arriving at the Cuban Pavilion, I was greeted by Amadis McKay, one of the youth ambassadors. He gave me a tour of the various displays, providing an informed and entertaining commentary along the way. The pavilion also gave out a quiz to fill while you are going through the display. Answer all the questions correctly and you receive a magnetic picture frame to take home. Continue reading


Tacos for Lunch – El Torrito Taco Truck

One of the places that I have tried a couple of times over the last two summers is the El Torrito Taco Truck that during lunch hours can usually be found parked in front of the Hydro Building on Portage Avenue.  I had seen them early in the summer and then they seemed to disappear for awhile.  I never found out why, but since their Facebook page advertises that they have a new truck, I suppose that’s a possible connection.

Last night, while following all the Bomber enthusiasts on Twitter, I noticed a tweet from El Torrito that today was  going to be their last day for the season.  I confirmed with them that this would be their last day downtown as well as up on Henderson Highway, and after finding out that was the case made a point of stopping in over the lunch hour. Continue reading