Reviews and Such Chinese Restaurants

Ming Court-Appearances are Deceiving

Ming Court Update A couple of weeks ago I found myself at Promenade Cafe & Wine, and decided after my visit that I would do an update of my original post. I’ve generally avoided updates in the past, unless there was some major change to the restaurant. However, I got thinking, I often visit restaurants after I’ve viewed them, and an update a few years down the road might not be a bad idea.  So, yesterday as I wandered down…Continue readingMing Court-Appearances are Deceiving

Reviews and Such Restaurants Vietnamese

Nhu Quyhn West End Treasure

Nhu Quyhn is one of my favourite restaurants in Winnipeg. I first wrote this place up almost six years ago. I’ve been there on and off since then, but after a recent visit I wanted to do an update.  Not much has changed here over the years. The tables are still covered with the same plastic table clothes. It still is fairly busy anytime you go in. Best of all the food is all still very good. On my last…Continue readingNhu Quyhn West End Treasure