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Africa, India Pavilions – Folklorama Week 2

My first week ended with a visit to the South Sudanese pavilion. After taking a few days off at the end of Folklorama’s first week, I got back into visiting pavilions yesterday with the start of the second week. I found myself up around St. Philip’s so I decided to start out in the area. My first visits this week were to the Africa and the India pavilions. Africa Pavilion: The Africa Pavilion is located in Holy Cross Gym. The…Continue readingAfrica, India Pavilions – Folklorama Week 2

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Taste of Sri Lanka

Taste of Sri Lanka update, Nov 29, 2019 I found myself wandering through Winnipeg Square at lunchtime and decided to make a stop at the Taste of Sri Lanka food court outlet. My original review was done after dining at The Forks location, but the two are very similar. The Forks locations seems to offer an extra menu option or two. The menu is basically  a collection of combo plates. I chose one with noodles instead of rice for my…Continue readingTaste of Sri Lanka