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Dine in: My Final 3 Fried Chicken Fest Meals.

The past weekend marked the end of this year’s Fried Chicken. For my final 3 meals I did dine in for all of them. This is post number six: Here are links to the previous five. One, Two, Three, Four, and Five. I started off with Saturday lunch at the Smitty’s, Pembina and Grant. Then headed down to the Cibo Waterfront café, before a late Sunday lunch at The Wood Tavern wound up my Fried Chicken Fest meals. Also in…Continue readingDine in: My Final 3 Fried Chicken Fest Meals.


Chiu’s Restaurant – Tache Avenue

Chiu’s restaurant is a Chinese-Canadian restaurant located in the Family Medical Centre, just across Tache Avenue from St. Boniface Hospital. I first visited around five years ago, around the same time as I tried Pastrami & Things. At the time Chiu’s was going through some changes. I can’t remember if it was new owners, new chefs, or something else. However I wasn’t particularly impressed with it. Chiu’s Buffet A few years have passed and I decided to give the restaurant…Continue readingChiu’s Restaurant – Tache Avenue