Verde Juice Bar – Westminster Avenue

Verde Juice Bar is one of two new places on Westminster Avenue. I ended up there on my first visit, because Joy’s Tea which is next door was closed. The decor at Verde is the same as many of the newer restaurants opening. Lot’s of light wood, and wooden type sign boards and menu. Pleasant enough, but after awhile there seem little to distinguish one place from the next as far as appearance goes.

Menu on the table

Verde Juice Bar Table with Menu.

Verde Juice Bar for Beverages

My first trip to Verde I was meeting with my friends Graham MacFarlane and Aaron Peterson to discuss a pilot project for a Sunday Evening service at St. Philip’s. Arriving late in the afternoon we ordered drinks but no food. It was a little chilly that day, and I decided on a hot chocolate. I can’t remember what Aaron ordered, but Graham ordered the Pineapple Express smoothie, which he enjoyed. Continue reading


Pastrami & Things, Tache Avenue

I recently discovered Pastrami & Things, a restaurant about five blocks down Tache from St. Philip’s. I made the discovery because I hadn’t really noticed any restaurants around St. Boniface Hospital.

As a priest, hospital visits are recurring events. Yet, despite having made many visits to St. Boniface, I’ve never been all that aware of what’s surrounding it. That’s because generally when I’m heading to the hospital, it means I’m meeting with someone whose life is in some sort of distress. As a result I’m focused on the encounter ahead and the surrounding area tends to fade into the background.

Located in the Family Medical Centre, 400 Tache, Pastrami & Things offers a classic deli menu. It runs from breakfast to late lunch. In 2014 it was awarded the title of “Best Deli in Winnipeg,” by the Winnipeg Sun. Both times that I visited there was a steady stream of customers coming through for dine-in or take-out. Continue reading

Falafel Place

Falafel Place:

For the best part of the last ten years, central Winnipeg has been my home. That’s why most of my reviews are of places located in or near downtown. Occasionally I found myself working out of the area.  This was especially true during the years I was training to be a priest.  It was during a couple of these times that I became familiar with Falafel Place.

I first tried this place when it was on Corydon just east of Kenaston, while I was training at St. Aidan’s.  A few years Falafel Place moved to its current location at Corydon and Wilton. Shortly afterwards I started a stint at St. George’s Crescentwood.

Falafel Place coffee

Strong, regularly refilled coffee is a good feature of Falafel place.

The menu at Falafel Place describes itself as MIddle Eastern cusine.  This includes such items as the eponymous falafels, knishes, shawarma and tabouli.  The menu also notes that they have gluten friendly options, and there are several vegetarian and vegan friendly items as well.  One of my favourite things about the restaurant is that breakfast is available all day. Continue reading