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Shrugging Doctor Loaf and Honey

Last night I went to a wine and cheese event at The Shrugging Doctor. The event was a joint effort between The Shrugging Doctor and Loaf and Honey cheese.Continue readingShrugging Doctor Loaf and Honey


Family Reunion – Mom’s 90th Birthday.

This Labour Day long weekend was family reunion time. The occasion being my mother’s 90th birthday. As I say in my about page, I’m the youngest of six boys. We’re spread all over western Canada, with one brother living in Houston, TX. This family reunion was our first in ten years. That time it was a much sadder occasion as we were all together for dad’s funeral. For many of us, it was our first chance to meet Inara, daughter…Continue readingFamily Reunion – Mom’s 90th Birthday.

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Fromagerie Bothwell – Provencher Avenue

Fromagerie Bothwell is the new Winnipeg location for Bothwell Cheese. Bothwell Cheese has long been a Manitoba institution. A family run business that has been in operation since 1936, Bothwell Cheese produces a wide range of cheese products, and are specially know for their Squeakers, cheese curds available by the bag(and a great choice for making poutine). For years, Bothwell Cheese has been available in various supermarkets, and specialty shops. Although usually with a limited range of their varieties. A…Continue readingFromagerie Bothwell – Provencher Avenue

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Cheesemongers Fromagerie, Corydon at Lilac

The cheese shop is called Cheesemongers Fromagerie and is located on the corner of Corydon Avenue, and Lilac Street. Although it’s only been a open for a few months, the owners put many years of training, planning, tasting and planning into the opening of the shop. Cheesemongers Fromagerie I first heard about Cheesemongers Fromagerie when they opened in late February. I thought the concept interesting but didn’t really make any effort to get there. It wasn’t until I visited Frenchway Cafe that…Continue readingCheesemongers Fromagerie, Corydon at Lilac

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Joe Average Buys Groceries

The New Year is upon us, and I am starting it off with a post inspired by activity in the Manitoba Food Bloggers group at the very end of last year. Group moderator and organizer and generally all-round terrific person Shel Zolkewich, posted a poll which stated that according to Stats Canada, the average Manitoba family spent $241.00 per person per month on food. I’m pretty much a Joe Average kind of guy, so this should work for me.Now, I…Continue readingJoe Average Buys Groceries