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Fundraiser Dinner at St. Thomas Anglican

As I’ve written before, my work as a priest has a large food element to it. One thing that goes along with any kind of food outreach ministry, is fundraising. Fundraising can be a challenging activity and I like to get involved with a fundraiser that supports other organizations. That’s one of the reasons I like to promote Fall Suppers. Let’s hope they return this fall. Yesterday, St. Thomas Anglican Church, in the Weston neighbourhood of Winnipeg, held their fundraiser…Continue readingFundraiser Dinner at St. Thomas Anglican


Safeway Easy Meals – Pre Made Meals

I’ve tried several different meal kits and delivery services now. HelloFresh, MissFresh, GoodFood, and Eden’s Taste, have all had there shot at trying to sell me on how good they are. A few weeks ago, I noticed that Safeway was selling something called easy meals. They are packaged in such a way that if you buy a protein, a starch, and a vegetable, you pay $15.00. Judging by the serving size recommendations on the back they are meant to serve…Continue readingSafeway Easy Meals – Pre Made Meals


Cafe Bella – Best Western Downtown

Cafe Bella is a hotel restaurant. It’s located in the Best Western on Hargrave street in downtown Winnipeg. As a general rule, hotel restaurants aren’t high on my list of places to visit. Generally, because they tend to be relatively expensive relative to quality. Although, sometimes a hotel has an independent restaurant such as the Marion Street Eatery, in the Marion Hotel, that is worth visiting. However, my recent job change has me spending a couple of days a week…Continue readingCafe Bella – Best Western Downtown

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Chapter 2 of Joe Average Buys Groceries.

Last month, in response to Shel Zolkewich posting about Stats Can’s claim that the average Manitoban spent $241.00 a month on food, I decided to give that challenge a try. You can follow Shel’s attempts by keeping up with her posts in Manitoba Food Bloggers Here’s a summary of my first month, and a look a head at chapter 2 of this experiment. Lessons from my First Month One of the things I decided when I started was that I…Continue readingChapter 2 of Joe Average Buys Groceries.

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Saint Francis Anglican Fall Supper

Last night I made it three weekends in a row for fall suppers. This time it was a visit to Saint Francis Anglican. Saint Francis is a relatively new parish, being formed from the joining together of Saint. Anne’s, Saint Martin-in-the-Fields, and Saint. Barnabas. The parish is located in the former Saint Anne’s building on Burrin Avenue. It’s a good place for a bus rider like myself, as it’s only a block off Main Street. The North Main Corydon gets…Continue readingSaint Francis Anglican Fall Supper

When Macky turned 20 part II