Izakaya Edokko – Downtown Winnipeg

I’ve been making more use of the Millennium Library in the last little while, so I find myself traveling up and down the streets in that area a little bit more than usual. Recently, I saw signs for Izakaya Edokko, a new Japanese restaurant.

Izakaya Edokko salad

A delightful little salad served as a starter each time I visited Izakaya Edokko.

Located on the main floor of Place Louis Riel. Place Louis Riel was formerly a hotel, but now is a combo hotel-apartment building, and has closed it’s in-house restaurant. That space is what Izakaya Edokko has taken over. The space has been nicely redecorated. There main space contains a sushi bar, a few four seat tables, and along one wall a series of tables that can easily be turned into one long table for a large party. In the back there is another room with a bar and several more tables. I haven’t ventured into that section on any of my visits.

The restaurant is a new project for Chef Masa Sugita, the man behind Masa on Pembina, and Yujiro on Grant. Continue reading


Kimchi Cafe in the Exchange

Kimchi Cafe

Kimchi Cafe Miso SoupMy off works hours for the last two weeks were largely taken up by the Fringe Festival.  I bought a buddy pass and saw 14 shows.  I also took time to review 12 of them.  I didn’t review the last two I saw as the festival was almost over, and I was wearing out.   I was working full-time, so meals at home weren’t always on my schedule.

Fortunately, there are a lot of convenient and reasonably priced meal options right in the Exchange District.  This year there were three food trucks out.  Little Bones Chicken Wingery, which I tried for the first time at last year’s Fringe.  Habanero Sombrero, and Stuff it were also out.

Given that the weather was either rainy or at best uncertain, it’s always nice to be able to get out of the elements as well.  So, on a couple of occasions I decided to head up Albert Street to the Kimchi Cafe.  Kimchi Cafe is a little restaurant on the main floor of a larger building along the east side of Albert St.  It advertises itself as offering Korean and Japanese cuisine.Kimchi Cafe Condiments

I can’t vouch for the whole menu, as it is quite large, but I have been pleased with all the dishes I’ve tried.  The prices are quite reasonable and you can dine in satisfying fashion for $10-12, or feast it up for around $20. (all prices for food, alcohol extra). Continue reading