Pho Hoi An – Sargent Avenue

Pho Hoi An is a Vietnamese-Chinese restaurant located on Sargent Avenue. It’s one of a few restaurants in a little strip mall, and is right next door to the Village Diner. This is a restaurant that I’ve been to many years ago, but haven’t been to recently.

Pho Hoi An Vietnames Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee is always one of my favourite parts of a meal at a Vietnamese restaurant.

If you remember late last month there were several days where the weather alternated between light drizzle and heavy downpour. One of those evenings was September 22nd. The date sticks out in my mind because it was the night of a Bomber game and I was walking home looking for a place where I might get out of the rain and catch a little bit of the game.  Continue reading


Freehouse Friendship Building

One of the pleasures of performing in the Vicar of Dibley was getting to know my cast mates better. Most were strangers when we started, but I would now call them all friends. Most of this friendship building took place during rehearsals, but on several occasions we went for post-rehearsal beers to Jekyll & Hyde’s Freehouse at the corner of Stradbrook and Osborne.

Osborne Freehouse, beers on tap.

1664 is one of many enjoyable beers that you will find on tap at the Freehouse.

It had been quite a while since I had last been to this location. If my memory serves me, it was known as the Academy when I went hear a friend of mine who was performing in the Monday night Jazz jam.

Freehouse Finger Food

One of the things with bar food is that it’s great for sharing.  It’s also the kind of food that facilitates conversation. We would have check-ins at the beginning of rehearsals, but being around a table with food and beverage once the work of rehearsal was behind us, allowed for a more relaxed conversation. Continue reading