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Pastry Castle – Edmonton Street

A couple of months ago, I was walking down Edmonton Street, and noticed that the storefront next door to the Magic Room had brown paper up on the windows and that there writing suggesting that the Pastry Castle would be opening soon. After I posted a picture of this, I discovered that it was a new location for the cafe, as it had originally existed in St. Vital.I’ve visited a few times since I wrote this review. I noticed the…Continue readingPastry Castle – Edmonton Street

Reviews and Such bakery Restaurants

Cocoabeans Bakeshop – Gluten Free

Since I wrote this post, Cocoabeans closed it’s Tache location and reopened in a new location on Corydon Avenue. The new location is a full restaurant and has a patio out front where you can enjoy your beverages and people watch. Sadly, the buttertart that was my staple has been replaced on the menu with a larger version. However, the rest of the menu is still top flight, and the staff is as friendly and engaging as ever. When I…Continue readingCocoabeans Bakeshop – Gluten Free

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Stella’s: From Breakfast to Late Night Treats

In a little under a decade and a half, Stella’s Cafe and Bakery has gone from a trendy little cafe in Osborne Village to a powerhouse on the Winnipeg restaurant scene.  The formula has been simple.  Great, fresh food, with an emphasis on healthy options(fortunately they haven’t let the healthy bit ruin their desserts).  Along with that they place a high value on good service. Despite all this, Stella’s hasn’t been all that high on my list of places to dine…Continue readingStella’s: From Breakfast to Late Night Treats