PegCity Poutinerie – CityPlace

PegCity Poutinerie is the newest tenant in the CityPlace food court. This is the third new restaurant to open their in the last few months. The first two were, in my books, a hit, (Za Pizza), and more of a miss, Meltwich. PegCity Poutinerie definitely falls into the hit category.

Loaded Bacon Poutine from PegCity Poutiinerie. It certainly lives up to it’s name.

It also got me thinking, why aren’t there more one off local places in food courts? Continue reading


Spice Affair – Donald Street

Spice Affair is a new Indian restaurant opened in Donald in the space that was filled for several years by Dhoom Indian restaurant. Dhoom was one of my earlier reviews, but I had heard that it had gone down in quality in subsequent years, and a change in ownership hadn’t reversed that. My one visit after the change of ownership seemed to bear that out.

So, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled over the last few months for the opening of Spice Affair.

Spice affair buffet.

Spice Affair buffet choices.

Spice Affair Buffet Lunch

My first visit to Spice Affair came at lunchtime. The first thing I noticed on walking in was that some of the interior walls had been removed and there was one larger open space as opposed to two or more smaller spaces. The second thing that caught my eye was that lunch was buffet only. I enjoy a good all-you-can eat buffet, so that didn’t really faze me.  Continue reading

Samosa Hut – CityPlace

Samosa Hut is an Indian restaurant located in Cityplace mall. It’s located just before the spot where the skywalk connects Cityplace across St. Mary avenue. This location has long been my favourite in the food court. Prior to Samosa Hut being there the space held a Greek restaurant whose name I can’t remember, but made a really great Avgolemono soup among other items.

Samosa Hut Combo

The Samosa Hut three item combo comes with Naan included.

My favourite choice here is the three piece Tandoori Chicken. It is well cooked, and well-sauced. I find the chicken to be quite tender. Having tried it so many times, I decided to choose a couple of different options when I recently visited.

Samosa Hut Combos:

Wednesdays I preside at a noon-hour Eucharist at Holy Trinity. By the time it’s over and I’ve packed everything away, I’m ready for a good lunch. The Samosa Hut provides me with both. The portions for their meals are quite generous. It starts off with a good base layer of rice and is built up with the other combo elements.
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Charisma – Sherbrook Street

Charisma of India is one of several fine Indian buffets in Winnipeg. I like buffets of all sorts, and particularly Indian buffets.  I’ve been for the lunch buffet in the past, but somehow or other never gotten around to visiting again. This is rather surprising seeing that it’s Sherbrook location is so close to St. Margaret’s, one of the parishes I’m involved with as a priest. As far as the buffet goes, I quite like it. The lunch buffet at $14.99 is reasonably priced and has quite a good selection to choose from.

Charisma Pappadams

Charisma offers crispy and tasty pappadams.

So, I hadn’t made it back, but then a few weeks ago, we were saying good-bye to one of the members of the Saturday evening service. This was also a celebration of her becoming a priest, so instead of our usual dinner we ordered in from Charisma.

Charisma for Celebration

One good thing about a restaurant like Charisma is that they have a wide variety of items on the menu, meaning it’s easy to please a diverse group of diners. I don’t have pictures of all the dishes, but their was curry goat, korma chicken, butter chicken, pakora, Channa masala, naan, pappadams, and mixed vegetables jaipuri.

Charisma Chicken Korma

Charisma’s Korma Chicken is moist and tender. The sauce is thick, rich and creamy.

Charisma Curry Goat

Curry Goat, always one of my favourite dishes.

Charisma Jaipuri

Mixed vegetable Jaipuri

All the dishes were quite good. The korma chicken was the stand out in my books. Both the korma and butter chicken dishes came with very tender and moist chicken. What I liked about the korma chicken was the rich creamy sauce that was part of the dish.

Charisma Naan

There was plenty of Naan to share, and to sop up the gravies in the various dishes.

One of the unexpected thing with the meal was the amount of rice. I was looking at the online menu as I wrote this post, and I noticed it says each dish comes with rice. That was indeed the case. We ended up with 5 quite large containers of rice. In the end several people ended up with a good helping of rice to take home with them.

Charisma Rice

There was more rice than we knew what to do with included in our meal. Several people took some home afterwards.

I think I’m going to have to make more of an effort to visit Charisma in the future. The buffet is enough of a reason to go, but it’s also worth your while to order à la carte.
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Karahi Indian Restaurant

Kahari is now closed. There is a new Indian restaurant in this location, which I have yet taken the time to visit.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Copper Chimney, an Indian restaurant down around St. Mary’s and Dakota. In between there and St. Philip’s is another Indian restaurant, Karahi of India. KarahiofIndia is located in what was for many years Dante’s. Both restaurants offer reasonably priced buffets, and have a good variety of items on their table service menus.

One marked difference between the two is the decor. Copper Chimney reflects the fact that the previous tenant was a fast food outfit, with nondescript tables and large, bright windows. Karahi, on the other hand, has rich woodwork and and intimate booths among it’s seating arrangements. The Bollywood videos playing on the television offering a romantic soundtrack to your meal(though not so much when dining alone).

Karahi Buffet:

As I said, the Karahi buffet is fairly similar to the Copper Chimney buffet. The biggest difference was that Karahi had a slightly larger selection of pickles, chutney, etc. Karahi also had Palak Paneer, one of my favourite dishes. The other thing that stood out at the buffet was that all the chicken was served on the bone. Every other Indian restaurant that I can think of, has served their Butter Chicken as chunks of boneless breast meat. Not so here, but I did really enjoy the bite it had. The Naan served with the buffet was thinner than some I’ve tried, but I rather liked the less doughy consistency.

I topped off my buffet offerings with a few Gulab Jamun in a bowl. I was able to scoop out enough syrup to make these moist, sticky and sweet.

Menu Offerings:

The next time I dropped by, I decided I would order off the menu rather than go with the buffet. I started out with samosas and pakora. These were both a little bit disappointing. Both seemed a little on the overcooked side. I also got the impression that the cooking oil needed a changing. It is possible I just happened to hit on a bad day. I would definitely say I preferred the Copper Chimney samosas and sauces to the ones I had here.

For my main dish I went with the Chicken Vindaloo. The sauce was rich and thick, but again, wasn’t what I would call particularly spicy. Nonetheless, if was an enjoyable dish, and there was lots of sauce to enjoy with the rice, which was a basic basmati.

This time around, instead of sticking with water to drink I decided to have a Mango Lassi. This beverage is like a milkshake, but not particularly thick. It has a nice mixture of salt and sweet to it that makes it refreshing, but without being particularly filling. I tried several light settings, but I couldn’t quite get the pale yellow of the drink.

One thing I did really like about Karahii was the service. The server basically stayed out of sight but was by the table frequently enough to allow me to obtain extra water, etc.

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Copper Chimney – Saint Vital

The other day I head down St. Mary’s Road to visit The Crusty Bun. I wasn’t paying attention to the time and showed up during the noon hours. There was a very long line, so I decided I would return at a better time and date. Instead I went out the door and walked a couple of blocks south to Copper Chimney. I enjoy Indian food, and thought I might as well give this place a try.

I believe, although I might be mistaken, that the Copper Chimney used to a Taco Bell, or some fast food place. The conversion to an Indian restaurant is certainly an upgrade from those days. They’ve also upgraded the furnishing so that it’s a comfortable place to dine.

Copper Chimney buffet.

My plate after my first visit to the buffet table.

Copper Chimney Buffet

My first time in the place I decided I would give the buffet a try. There lunch time buffet is of the smaller variety. In terms of the number of dishes it reminded me of Dhoom, on Donald. Continue reading

Taste of Sri Lanka

September brings with it the return to routine. That means I spend more time in the building at St. Philip’s. As a result my travels tend to be focused in the nearby area. There are a couple of places at The Forks that I hadn’t visited yet, one of them being Taste of Sri Lanka. So I decided I would stop by a couple of times this past week.

Visiting Taste of Sri Lanka took me back to when I first tried there food. This was many years ago when they operated out of a store front location on Ellice Avenue. I really liked the original location, as the focus was as much on offering a great, friendly dine-in experience as it was on the food.

Taste of Sri Lanka Meals:

On my first visit I decided I would stick with a combo meal. I went with the spicy noodles, and a vegetable and a meat item. I went with a good bit of spice with the meal as I added the chicken curry for my meat item. The vegetables were a creamy mushroom and zucchini mixture.
The combo prices at Taste of Sri Lanka are a little higher than at some of the other outlets at The Forks, but they still work out to a pretty good deal.

Taste of Sri Lanka also sells a variety of items such as samosas and veggie rolls. So, the second time I went I opted for a noodles with one meat combo. To that I added a veggie roll and a veggie samosa. Being that it was later in the day they were out of the meat options on those two. My meat for the combo was the butter chicken. The chicken was tender and the sauce was milder than some butter chicken dishes than I have tried.

When it came to the two sides. The veggie roll reminded me of a savoury version of an apple jack. The pastry was crispy and flaky on the outside with a tasty filling in the middle.The samosa filling also had a great deal of flavour, but I found the pastry to be very hard and dry.

Based on my visits, I would choose the combos before the sides, but Taste of Sri Lanka certainly delivers a lot of taste from their menu.

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