Georges Burgers-Submarines, McPhillips

Today’s review has a bit of a connection to my past. One of my former places of employment was Watt Street Foods on the corner of Watt and Kimberley. Over the years we provided the hamburger meat for several George’s Burgers and Submarines, including the one on McPhllip’s. Recently I found myself traveling up McPhillip’s on a couple of occasions and decided to stop in and give George’s a try.

George's Burger & Submarines burger

The basic burger from George’s Burgers & Submarines.

Located in a strip mall, the restaurant is long and skinny. One side is given over to the kitchen, and there is a series of tables along the other wall, and out front. The decor could be best described as patchwork. There are a couple of Titanic related posters, an Elvis, Soft Drink Models, Greek Football(soccer) teams, and a few personal photos scattered all over the walls. There’s a picture for every mood.

Friendly Service, Good Burgers

My first visit there were a few customers, but I didn’t have to wait long at all at the counter. I was wanting something light, so I chose the plain burger(above), along with a salad. Continue reading


Promenade Cafe & Wine

One of the things I like about where I work is that there are lots of good dining options in the area. Yesterday I wrote about Pastrami & Things, which is just a few blocks down Tache from St. Philip’s. Today, I’m writing about Promendade Cafe and Wine. Promenade Cafe and Wine, is on the corner of Provencher and Tache, still only ten or so blocks from St. Philip’s. This gives a few extra minutes to let lunch settle when I walk back to work.

Despite being called Cafe and Wine, I’ve only been there during work hours, so I can only write about the cafe and not the wine. However, there are a lot of good things to say about the cafe all on it’s own.

Promenade Cafe and Wine, Moules et Frites

Moules et Frites from Promenade Cafe and Wine.

Dining at Promenade Cafe

Located on the corner immediately across from the pedestrian bridge into St. Boniface, Promenade Cafe and Wine shares space with a couple of other restaurants in a little corner lot. The restaurant is spacious, and is divided into three sections. One of the benefits of this is that there is a fair degree of privacy when you are dining with others even though the restaurant is quite full. Continue reading

Chicken Chef, Marion Street

Now, you may get the impression from some of my latest posts that I`ve been going all trendy with my eating habits. However, I still like to go out and find some old-fashioned comfort food. One such place a few blocks from where I work is the Chicken Chef located on Marion Street. We didn’t eat out a lot when I was a kid, but this is the kid of restaurant we would most likely eat at.

Chicken Chef started out in Carman, MB, and has grown to where they have 40 locations in three provinces. They are indeed a local success story. As the name implies they special is chicken, specifically the deep fried kind often associated with the Bluegrass State.

Chicken Chef Dinner

Chicken Chef Chicken Dinner.

Chicken, because that`s in the name.

Continue reading

BURGERS R us Food Truck

I was visiting the Peg City Grub blog today, and discovered that there are still many food trucks that I haven’t visited. On that list are: A Little Pizza Heaven, Corn on the Curb, Golden Boy Sandwich, Grass Fed Grill, Half Moon, Smokin Haut, Pizzapotomus, Waki Temaki, and Up South BBQ. Two that are not on the list are Island Fusion and BURGERS R us.

Last week I gave Island Fusion a try. This week I took the chance to try BURGERS R us. BURGERS R us is a bright red truck with flame broiled burgers pictured on the back.  The flame broiling on the back gives a good illustration of what goes on in the truck.  As I walked down Broadway today, the smoke billowing from the stack made me think that one of the trucks might have caught on fire.  Fortunately it was only burgers being cooked. So here’s is my take on the truck.

Burgers R Us Truck


BURGERS R us sells burgers and hot dogs.  Most of the items on the menu are $8.50 to $10.00 which includes a side.  Fries, burgers, and hot dogs are all sold individually at $6-6.50. Both the burger and hot dog that I had were large in size, with a good amount of topping. As combo the items are a really good buy. Individually the burger and hot dog are good pies. Given the size of the dish, the fries at $6.00 are a little high. Drinks are $2.00 each for cans, a little high. 4/5 Continue reading

Burgers and Springtime – Mrs. Mike’s

Today is the first day of spring.  I wish I was spending it enjoying the many of food trucks of Winnipeg, but I’ll have to wait a bit for that.  Fortunately there is open air dining available already.  Mrs. Mike’s, a local food stand offering burgers, hot dogs, sundaes and more is already open.

Mrs. Mike’s is located on Taché just about a block and a half from St. Philip’s.  I pass by it several times a week, and I had heard that you never know when you would find it open.  Sure enough, a couple of weeks ago, I went by and it was open.  So, the next day, when lunch came around I headed down the street to order.  The menu at Mrs. Mike’s would be similar to a place like Mikky’s or Sis ‘n Me, but without the wheels.

Burgers are King, go for King Burger

As you walk up, you see a notice in the window that states Reader’s Digest has proclaimed the King Burger at Mrs. Mike’s one of Canada’s best.  The King burger sits at the top of the menu.  Appropriate given its size and price ($7.80).  I scanned down the menu to check out all the burgers on offer, but decided in the end to stick with the King.  It was a decision I ended up being very happy with.

I place my order for the burger, along with an order of fries, and then waited.  Even though it wasn’t the warmest day of the last two weeks, there is something warming standing outside waiting for the order to be prepared.  Perhaps its the smell of the burgers cooking.  Perhaps it’s the sun bringing picnic memories to mind as I wait.

Tasting the Burger

Mrs. Mike’s has picnic tables outside where you can enjoy the weather while consuming your burgers or fries.  However, when I went the tables were still covered in snow.  So I took my food and headed back to the church.  Once I got there I unwrapped the burger with the intent of eating in from off the wrapper.  One attempt to pick it up suggested this wouldn’t be good for my desk, so I went and got a plate.

burgers and fries need fries Continue reading