Moxies – Downtown, Kenaston

Moxie’s is a restaurant that I hadn’t visited for a long time. It was probably 15-20 years ago that I last had been to one. The only thing I remember from those visits were that the portions were rather large, and the dishes rather unimaginative.

Then I got the opportunity to visit recently thanks to the Downtown Biz Patio Tours. That was at the downtown location at the “who will they add to the naming rights next,” arena.

Moxie's Biryani Dry Ribs

The Biryani Dry ribs from the downtown Moxie’s

Since then, there have been a couple of occasion where old friends of me and my family have come through for visits, and we ended up at the Moxie’s on Kenaston for lunch. This has given me a chance to try out a variety of different items, and to observe the food others have received as well. So, I’m using a little bit from each location for this review.  Continue reading


Friday Night at the Garrick Hotel

The B-SIde Apostles is a country duo comprised of Greg Glatz and Larry Updike.  If you like the music of Hank, Merle and Johnny, with one or two others thrown in, there isn’t a much better way to pass a couple of hours than listening to the B-SIde Apostles. They play a lot of gigs around the city, a good number of them at places like Siloam Mission and Madison Lodge, where they try and bring music into the lives of those who may not have the opportunity to get out and enjoy live music in one of this city’s many venues.

They also play in little places such as The Neighbourhood Cafe, Sam’s Place and most recently the Garrick Hotel.  I missed them the first time that they played there, but this Friday night I wasn’t going to. So off I went to the Garrick. Continue reading