Fried Chicken Fest – Midweek

Fried Chicken Fest burger from Smith

Fried Chicken Fest is at it’s midpoint. Monday, I wrote about my weekend meals, and today I’m writing about my weekday meals. Over the last three days, I have added four more fried chicken fest meals. Fried Chicken Fest Meal A Trip Down South – The Merchant Kitchen My first order this week came from …

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Bruichladdich Scotch Tasting Event

Bruichladdich scotchs

Last night I headed out to Smith at The Forks, to enjoy a scotch tasting event put on by Bruichladdich distillery.. I ended up there because the event had been posted in the Manitoba Bartenders Guild on Facebook.
The Manitoba Bartenders Guild appeared in my Facebook feed not long after my post on Brown’s Socialhouse. On one of my visits there, the drink special had been hi-balls. I had tried a couple of different alcohols in my drinks, but they both simply left me feeling that I was drinking cranberry juice and nothing else. Having had a rather disappointing experience I thought it would be worth my time to learn a little more about cocktails and other beverages.

Bruichladdich scotchs
The first four of the Bruichladdich scotchs that we tasted last night.

Joel Carleton, the group admin (more on him later in the post), had posted a teaser in the group about a possible scotch tasting, so I was keeping my eyes open, and when Reed Pettit, the rep for Bruichladdich, posted the details for the event I jumped at the chance to get a ticket. A few years ago I had done a similar event hosted by a rep for The Maccallan, and had found it very enjoyable and informative.
Last night was also the first time I had been at the Inn at The Forks since the restaurant was called the Current. The event was held in a back reception room of the restaurant.

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