Fools, Horses, Forks

I’ve made no bones that I’m a big fan of Fools and Horses. As it happens I’m sitting in their Broadway location as I’m writing this post. I probably write about 80 percent of my blog posts at this location. It’s a home away from home. Filled with great beverages and run by great people.

So, I was quite happy when I found out that they were opening a new location at The Forks. There are a lot of things that are the same at both locations and some things that are different.


Fools, Horses, Forks

Fools, Horses Feature menu at The Forks

Same but Different

Let’s start off with the things that are the same. The first big things that is the same is the staff. Yes there are some new people who haven’t worked at the Broadway location, but several of the staff from there have moved over and they’ve trained the new staff. Continue reading


Oh Doughnuts – Broadway

A year and a bit after their opening, Oh Doughnuts are not only available at their in store location but at a variety of coffee shops and restaurants around Winnipeg

My walk to work just got more fattening. Oh Doughnuts has just opened up on Broadway. This is the opening I’ve been waiting for ever since owner Amanda Kinden decided to move from supplying coffee shops with doughnuts and open her own storefront location. I’ve been a fan of Oh Doughnuts ever since I first tried them at Parlour Coffee.

Oh Doughnuts takeout bag.

The carefully branded take out bag from Oh Doughnuts. Complete with proper spelling of Doughnuts.

The opening of Oh Doughnuts brings the total of specialty doughnut shops in Winnipeg to two. I enjoy Bronuts, but I was looking forward to once again being able to eat doughnuts from Oh Doughnuts. Continue reading

Jazz Winnipeg Festival Opening Night

Yesterday marked the start of my first found of vacation. It also marked the start of the Jazz Winnipeg Festival. As I mentioned in my David and Jonathan post, I plan on broadening the focus of Dining with Donald to include my interest in the arts. The Jazz Winnipeg Festival has long been one of my favourite times of the year. Although, most years my time has been spent at the free stage with one or two of the ticketed shows thrown in.

I have two favourite memories from the festival. The first was being able to see Al Green live. Al Green is one of my musical heroes. I only wish I could sing with a tenth the amount of soul as he has. The other memory concerns the free stage. I believe it was the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, but it was quite a while ago, and it may have been a different group from New Orleans. As they approached the end of the show they invited people up to the front to dance. My friend Wesley Konrad and I headed up to the stage area.

I was in the lead and ended up getting tagged to be a part of the show. The band was playing the classic Just a Closer Walk. I ended up as a corpse over whom a sermon was preached, during the slow part. Then, when the music sped up I was required to jump back to life and start dancing in front of the crowd. It made for a fun end to the evening. Fortunately there was no one there rating my dance skills. Continue reading

Bronuts, Exchange District

One of the biggest trends in dining out is taking simple fare and, to use a popular Masterchef phrase, elevating it. It’s happened with Poutine, and even with Tater Tots. In some places toast is the latest thing to receive such treatment. So, it’s not surprising that Donuts or Doughnuts, if you insist, are going upscale. Not too many months ago, Oh Doughnuts started appearing on the scene. Then Bronuts opened up.

Bronuts rain shot

Shooting picture of Bronuts doughnuts in the rain.

Located next door to King + Bannatyne, Bronuts is the the brainchild of two brothers. The aim of the shop is to sell gourmet doughnuts (I’m one who insists) along with high quality coffee. Given that they continue to regularly sell out of their product, they certainly have hit the sweet spot with Winnipeg consumers. Continue reading