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Broadway Desserts Truck Versions

2022 Update: Even before Covid-19 hit, City of Winnipeg regulations were driving food trucks off of Broadway. Tokyo Rabbit is still around, but you aren’t likely to see them on Broadway any time soon. I picked up a hint from fellow MB Food Blogger Rebecca Hadfield that there was a new truck on Broadway.  This one was a Japanese dessert truck.  So, naturally I made my way up to Broadway , because I love my Broadway food trucks, and discovered…Continue readingBroadway Desserts Truck Versions

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Shawarma at Falafel Queen

On my first trip up to Broadway this summer, I took pictures of several food trucks with the intention of visiting them later.  The second truck I visited was the Falafel Queen truck, which serves traditional mid-eastern fare such as falafels and shawarma.  For lunch, I had the Beef Shawarma combo (with fries and drink). Value: All the mains are $6.00 or $7.00, in addition they offer combos of main, samosa or fries, and soft drink for $9.00 and $10.00 respectively. …Continue readingShawarma at Falafel Queen

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Pimp My Rice Food Truck

The latest visit in my attempt to try all various food trucks around Winnipeg was at Pimp my Rice, the new Filipino food truck.  I quite enjoy Filipino food. It’s been out for a few weeks now, but every time I’ve gone by it, the lineups have been very long.  Today I got around that problem by taking an early lunch and getting to the truck at about 11:40a.m., at which point there was no lineup at all.  For my…Continue readingPimp My Rice Food Truck

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On Broadway

One of the advantages of having a job where your hours and breaks don’t occur at set time is that you can take a more leisurely approach to lunches.  Combine that with working downtown and I’m able to wander off a few blocks from the office to find interesting lunch fare.  Today, I wandered up om Broadway during my lunch break to see what was new in the world of lunch trucks.  Not all the lunch trucks up their are…Continue readingOn Broadway