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Juice Me Juice Truck

This is a belated update, but Juice Me is no longer operating as a Juice Food Truck. Instead they have gone to a model featuring frozen juice capsules. You can visit their website to find out more about their current products.  The ever expanding world of Winnipeg food trucks has a new entry. Juice Me brings to the food truck scene cold-pressed juices. Juices are nothing new, Booster Juice is all over the city and Obby Khan owns Green Carrot…Continue readingJuice Me Juice Truck

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Union Station Cafe Kiosk

Union Station on Main Street at Broadway was once one of the transportation hubs in Winnipeg. There still are some trains that come through, but mainly the building is dedicated to offices. With the Forks a stone’s throw away, there is also not a great demand for food services in the building. However, in the rotunda, there is a little kiosk called the Union Station Cafê Kiosk. The kiosk has a limited menu that mainly consists of salads, sandwiches, and…Continue readingUnion Station Cafe Kiosk

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Little Maria’s, Edmonton Street

Little Maria’s is now closed. There is a new restaurant there, called This Little Place, and from what I gather the menu is very similar to the old menu at Little Maria’sIt’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. My schedule has been very full and I haven’t found many new places. Yesterday, though I paid another visit to Little Maria’s Porchetta & Meatballs on Edmonton Street.If you’ve read the About Page, you know one of the important things…Continue readingLittle Maria’s, Edmonton Street

Community Food ManyFest

Food Truck Wars at ManyFest

Here are a couple of general posts about the 2014 edition of ManyFest and the food truck wars, that I have combined into one.  ManyFest has arrived, and with it the Food Truck Wars.  I plan on writing a couple of reviews over the weekend, but today I’m starting with a post about the day itself.There was a bit of bad news about the day, so I’ll dispense with that first. The Food Truck Wars got off to a bit…Continue readingFood Truck Wars at ManyFest

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Fired Up Pizza, Glacial Service

Winnipeg’s food truck scene continues to grow.  It’s not surprising then that as it does so, there are more trucks offering the same type of food.  On my way to work earlier in the week, I noticed a new, blue truck on Broadway. This is Fired Up Pizza.  Last year saw the debut of The Red Ember Pizza Truck.  Red Ember sells wood-fired pizzas made from home-grown ingredients.  Fired Up doesn`t claim the home-grown part, but is also selling wood-fired…Continue readingFired Up Pizza, Glacial Service

Reviews and Such Restaurants Thai

Thida’s Thai, Downtown

For many years I worked on the corner of Donald and Broadway, in downtown Winnipeg. For the first part of my time there one of my regular stops for lunch was at Thida’s Thai Restaurant, which was a quick trip across the lane from the building I worked in.  I’ve always thought they had really good food.  I also really like the heat that is a feature of so much Thai food.However, over time I noticed a trend.  I would…Continue readingThida’s Thai, Downtown